Fisher: Collins to start, Young could work with first team in Dallas

Sunday, August 16, 2009 at 7:15pm

Vince Young’s solid performance in Saturday night’s 27-20 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won’t earn him a start this Friday night in Dallas.

But it will probably earn him some playing time with the first unit this weekend against the Cowboys.

Young completed 9 of 14 passes for 131 yards, including a 37-yard touchdown toss to rookie Kenny Britt that put the Titans ahead for good in the third quarter.

Titans coach Jeff Fisher said earlier he had considered giving Young a start at some point this preseason, but instead will go with veteran Kerry Collins again under center.

“We’ll go ahead and start Kerry. There’s a chance Vince could get in with the starters with the first group of offensive players,” Fisher said. “We said we’d consider it, but the important thing at the end of the day is that he gets to play with the starting offense, whether he starts the game, takes the first snap or comes in after a couple of series. If we’re playing the starting offense through the half, he’ll get that opportunity.”

Even though it was only preseason, it was Young’s best performance in recent memory as he showed precision and confidence in executing the offense.

“I just want to continue to get better. It’s not all about me. I’m not trying to force it like I used to,” Young said. “Executing plays and getting downfield and getting into the end zone, that’s all I care about right now.”

Fisher said a bit more game planning this week helped Young to look sharper.

“We added some things, and we put him in position to make some plays and he made them,” Fisher said. “He made good decisions. He knew what was going on and he when he had some protection issues. As I said, he’s been having a good camp.”

Injury update

The Titans are likely going to back down offensive tackle David Stewart, who missed the game with soreness in his knee. Stewart could have tests on the knee to determine the origin and seriousness of the problem. Stewart was scratched from Saturday night’s game, and Mike Otto got the start.

“It’s nothing serious. It may require him just being backed down for a few days,” Fisher said.

Fisher said he assumed that rookie receiver Kenny Britt, who had his ankle stepped on was OK as he did not report for treatment on Sunday.

Fisher said the other players who missed the game might have a chance to practice Monday afternoon in varying degrees.

Those who were out included defensive linemen Jason Jones (foot) and Jacob Ford (hamstring), linebacker Colin Allred (ankle) and Stephen Tulloch (knee), receivers Mark Jones (hamstring) and Chris Davis (hamstring), fullback Casey Cramer (shoulder), and defensive backs Vincent Fuller (groin) and Nick Schommer (hamstring).

Good job

Rookie running back Javon Ringer’s 36-yard TD run was impressive to Fisher, as he was able to recognize a blitz and elude a would-be tackler in the backfield.

Fisher was also impressed with Ringer’s improvement on special teams.

“He did a good job as a young guy to recognize that there was going to be edge pressure and to be prepared for it. It was good to see,” Fisher said. “In addition to the run and the things he’s doing on offense, he has improved very quickly in the area of special teams.”

Fisher said he hopes to get Ringer, Chris Henry, Quinton Ganther and Rafael Little more preseason carries this week against the Cowboys.

Punt return situation

Fisher indicated that he was not too disappointed that Ryan Mouton and Tuff Harris both muffed punts in Saturday’s game, but said the Titans need to get Mark Jones and Chris Davis back to get reps before the regular season.

He also indicated that this could be the week Kenny Britt gets a look as a return man.

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By: daKine7 on 8/17/09 at 5:06

I don't know what Collins is waiting for. Has a "young" QB wanting his job back and Collins threw 2 Int. ? His stats were worse than my grandmother's. Better shine in the Cowyboy's game.

By: blktenn on 8/19/09 at 12:46


VY is going to be the start by game 6 (six). Collins has the big head and other team plan on getting to him, making him move in the pocket. It's just a matter of time before he breaks and yes reurns to the bottle !

By: blktenn on 8/19/09 at 12:53

Collins said he had his first experience of alcohol at 13 and later became a binge drinker.

"My drinking wasn't every day but when I drank I didn't stop," he said.

He admitted making a racist slur while "very intoxicated" at a party. Carolina Panthers' black players were not impressed.

In November, 1998, Collins was convicted of drink-driving and hardly helped his cause when, after a night in jail, emerged smoking a cigar for the benefit of the waiting media.

The last straw came when he told head coach Dom Capers he "no longer had the heart to lead the team". Collins was released then picked up by New Orleans, which is perhaps the last place someone struggling with alcoholism, yet denying it, should be.

Collins lasted seven weeks with New Orleans, went to Europe "to clear my head" and returned to undergo a two-month alcohol rehabilitation course.

"The first day was pretty bad for me. I had to get humble. I had to hurt myself and realise I had a problem," Collins said.

By: gratefulted on 8/20/09 at 3:45

Thanks for the history lesson, blk. So, what's your point?