Fisher: No problems with Young's statements

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 10:18pm

Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher says he is fine with Vince Young’s claims on a Baltimore television station that he wants to start in Tennessee or consider the possibility of moving on elsewhere in his career.

Fisher made the comments on WGFX-FM 104.5 The Zone’s SportsZone with George Plaster on Wednesday.

“Our situation is clear, and I don’t have an issue with it, nor does Vince,” Fisher said. “If Vince had had an issue with it, he would have been in my office. He’s been in my office once [in February], and we had a great visit. We visited this morning, and it didn’t come up, and he’s working hard, period.”

Young had made his comments on WMAR-TV in Baltimore, saying, “If them guys don’t want me in there, it’s time for me to make a career change for myself. The fact is I’m ready to play ball, and if they’re not ready for me to play ball, somebody is.”

Fisher was unfazed by the remarks.

“I didn’t bat an eye at it. I saw Vince today and we didn’t bring it up. He was in the weight room today, working out,” Fisher said. “He had a great workout, and the bottom line is this. He came in right at two months ago now…I discussed our meeting publicly. He wanted to know what he needed to do to earn his job back. He didn’t want it handed to him. He wanted to know what he needed to do.”

Fisher went on to say that Kerry Collins remains entrenched as the Titans starting quarterback, and that Young will not be traded and still has a future in Tennessee, despite a cap hit of $14 million in 2010.

“We mapped it out, we talked about it, and he’s working. He’s been there about every day. I would expect everybody on our football team to want to start,” Fisher said. “He may have been led on a little bit in the interview. He knows there’s not a potential for us to move him. I’m not backing off, what I said that day after Jacksonville. Kerry is our starter.”

Young’s agent Major Adams told The City Paper on Tuesday that Young considers himself still competing for the starting role.

“Vince’s desire has always been to compete for the starting quarterback job in Tennessee,” Adams said. “Even before they drafted him, they asked him if he thought he could compete for the starting role, and he said yes. He has always been a starter and that is his mindset.

“He has not asked to be traded, and in fact, is going to an event at Bud Adams’ ranch this weekend. Plus, he was in there working out [Monday]. If he didn’t have a desire to stay there, he wouldn’t be doing any of that.”

As for what Young must do, Fisher said that begins with dedication, which he says, is being shown on Young’s part thus far.

“Vince needs to do everything he possibly can do to get to a point where he can start and win game after game after game in the national football league. That takes time. He fell into a situation last year where he got behind Kerry and Kerry won ballgames,” Fisher said. “Vince, in his mind, and I think rightfully so, is trying to improve and in that process, he perceives that to be competition. If Vince comes out and is clearly better than Kerry, then Vince plays.

“But we obviously agreed to terms with Kerry to come back and be our starter because of the success he had last year. I have never been associated with a quarterback controversy. I’m not going to be. Kerry is our starter, and we’re going to continue to develop Vince to a point where he can eventually be our quarterback.”

As for the cap hit, Adams revealed on Tuesday that no talks of renegotiation have yet taken place to potentially lower the cap figure. Fisher said there is plenty of time.

“It’s not an issue, not an issue right now, and I don’t anticipate it being an issue,” Fisher said. “We drafted Vince and we got into a contractual situation that would pay him as a starter, and it’s not an issue right now,” Fisher said. “After the season, we ay revisit it, but right now it’s not an issue. We’re making a much bigger issue out of nothing right now.”


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By: jps13pat on 6/4/09 at 12:59

Does Jeff Fisher think I'm ignorant? Of course Fish has a problem with what Vince said, and of course Vince's contract is an issue. Is he really trying to tell me otherwise? Come on Jeff. You've got to give us more credit than that.

By: TitansFan035 on 6/4/09 at 6:15

They either have to release him or rework his contract because is not worth paying millions for a back up mediocre QB like Vince Young!

By: cmarcus45 on 6/4/09 at 7:48

Ship him out. Spend the money elsewhere. Draft a QB for the future after this year. Go Titans!

By: Hoople on 6/4/09 at 8:49

Jeff Fisher is doing and saying the proper thing here, folks. Remember, this is a professional league and job. At your workplace, you're not paid to insult or tread on people at the company, you're paid to make the company better.

Coach is correct, at THIS point in VY's contract, it's not an issue. It only becomes an issue after this season plays out, and concerning yourself with something that is dependent on a situation that has yet to occur. In some ways this is like worrying about next year's raise without putting in this year's sweat equity.

Allow common sense to rule the day, let VY do his thing and get another year under the OC, who will teach VY as much as he wants to learn. Even if VY can only understand a two-stage progression and that's all he can handle, it's still better than before, and once his confidence increases with his control of the game, those legs will again become dangerous (obviously an optimistic VY thought, rare for me I know ...)

By: TitansKickAs on 6/4/09 at 11:58

Spin it Coach Fish! VY should be saying these things. He better want to play and start or he's not even worth having this year. The bottom line is the Titan's are better off when they can get what they can for VY and move on. Even if Bud doesn't like it.

By: gratefulted on 6/4/09 at 12:59

Just trade Vince. Let him go somewhere else where he can compete for the backup QB job. Now that defenses know him, he can't hide his lack of quarterback skill. He can play in the NFL. He has all the physical tools: size, speed, agility. Talents that can't be coached. Add fundamentals and you have a football player. A football player, especially a quarterback, needs one more intangible that can't be coached. Every time Vince opens his mouth, it becomes more obvious that he doesn't possess this other intangible. Common sense should keep someone from going to an opponents city and hinting that he wants to be traded.
Jeff Fisher is the best I have ever seen at appearing to answer a question without answering the question. If there were a dictionary of Fisher-speak, the statement, "Vince is our quarterback of the future", would have a couple of pages od different meanings.

By: TITAN1 on 6/4/09 at 2:16

I agree with Hoople.

By: frank brown on 6/4/09 at 4:26

Jeff Fisher obviously has an IQ much higher than the press that covers the Titans. Way to go Coach! Never forget the old verbage "Sticks and Stone" may break my bones but words will never hurt me."

By: courier37027 on 6/5/09 at 6:56

This is more Fisher speak, derived from the non-sensical mumblings of his former boss Floyd Reese. Say a lot but say nothing. Speak in circles. Everything is great in Titans land and the NFL, blah, blah. Remember this is the same Coach Fisher who had tight rein in the Pacman situation, and said all would be fine with the troubled Adam Jones.

By: courier37027 on 6/5/09 at 7:00

Plus I would never expect an objective, tough interview from 104.5. Never is heard a discouraging word on the mothership when it comes to the Titans. Now caller, where are my free tickets to the John McClain dinner?

By: jwk6179 on 6/5/09 at 7:50

I agree with courier37027 on this. The sports media in this town, especially those on 104.5 and Terry McCormick from this publication, are never going to ask anyone associated with the Titans a tough question or even be ctitical of ANYTHING or ANYONE Titans related in fear that they will lose their PRESS CREDENTIALS for covering the team and lose out on seeing the GAMES FOR FREE. God forbid that George Plaster and the rest of the Nashville Sports media would have to PAY for a ticket to see the Titans play, like most of the fans do!!

By: TITAN1 on 6/5/09 at 2:13

jw, of course you agree with courier. LOL!

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