Get to the point: Efficiency rules SEC play

Thursday, March 9, 2006 at 1:00am

In China, 2006 is the year of the dog.

How efficient is your point guard?

Nashville accountant Danny Sawyer has devised a formula he calls Efficiency Rating to measures the affect each player has on a game. It is calculated based on the idea that everything that happens during the course of a game affects whether or not your team: A) gains or loses possession of the basketball, and B) scores once you gain possession. Below, Sawyer takes a look at the SEC's top point guards. Factors considered in the rating include scoring, scoring efficiency, ball-handling, rebounding, blocked shots, steals, team defense and strength of opponent. More information can be found at his Web site,

Player, School, Efficiency
Ronald Steele, Alabama 13.7
C.J. Watson, UT 13.5
Darrel Mitchell, LSU 13.2
Taurean Green, Florida 10.0
Sundiata Gaines, Georgia 9.2
Patrick Sparks, Kentucky 9.0
Rajon Rondo, Kentucky 8.9
Tre Kelley, South Carolina 7.6
Jamont Gordon, Miss. State 5.4
Alex Gordon, Vandy 4.2
Quantez Robertson, Auburn 3.9
Dontell Jefferson, Arkansas 3.0
Mario Moore, Vanderbilt 2.0
- Through March 1

In the Southeastern Conference, 2006 may be the year of the point guard.

A scan of the SEC standings and statistics yields an almost-inescapable conclusion: Teams with solid point guard play have fared well, and those without it not-so-well.

Start at the top of the standings of each division, where Tennessee

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