Hamstring makes Britt sit as Titans crank up camp

Saturday, July 30, 2011 at 8:13pm

Under normal circumstances, Kenny Britt might have been hamstrung by an offseason during which he was arrested twice and had a couple other legal entanglements.

As it turns out, the most significant thing the Tennessee Titans wide receiver must overcome is a balky hamstring.

Britt was held out of the first full-speed practice of training camp Saturday afternoon because coaches chose not to push him too hard. He did take part in the morning, helmet-less session.

“To tell you the truth, I’m doing whatever they ask me to do,” Britt said. “… [People] got on me last year for not being in shape, and I guess I was working a little too hard this offseason, and I got a little tweak in my hamstring.”

The Titans have every reason to be concerned about such things with Britt.

After all, he missed four games last season with a significant hamstring injury, which he sustained one week after his career-best performance. He had seven receptions for 225 yards and three touchdowns in a Week 7 victory over Philadelphia but had just 19 receptions and two touchdowns over the remainder of the season.

“[Saturday] morning we were a little more limited in what we did so he was able to do quite a bit and be involved,” coach Mike Munchak said. “[In the] afternoon … we just wanted to hold him back. We’ll see how it goes.

“Guys who have histories like that of having problems … we’re trying to be careful with him.”

Injuries are not the only negative in Britt’s recent past.

He was arrested twice in his home state of New Jersey and navigated other legal issues during the four-plus months that NFL owners had players locked out. Typically, such developments would result in a regular-season suspension and possibly a fine.

Whether Britt or any other players are subject to league discipline for what happened during the offseason is unclear. Munchak has said he has no plans to impose any sort of team discipline.

“Fresh start,” Britt said. “…We live in a world where every day is a lesson to us and we learn every day. That’s where it’s at. We learn from mistakes that happen and things like that. Wrong place, wrong time.

“…We both put that behind us and what we’re doing now … [it’s] a fresh start, like I said.

In terms of his participation, though, it was a slow start.

“We got great trainers, so [the injury] really doesn’t concern me at all,” Britt said. “I’m just happy to be back in the facility where they can treat me and I can get back on schedule and back out with these guys on the field.”

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By: tn.native on 7/30/11 at 9:26

Man, the guys that are fleet of foot on the outside, like wide receivers, they are like race horses and have to be worked out and prepared, and Britte may never shake this as the hamstring is hard to fully heal. If his Achilles heel turns out to be his hamstring then that's a kind of weird sports irony. go T's

By: concretemike on 7/31/11 at 9:27

Same old story......here is Vince Young 2.0....more drama for his mama.....arrests, injuries and showing up for camp unprepared.....let the soap opera begin!!!!!