Jaguars four-fold mission

Tuesday, October 21, 2003 at 1:00am

1. Get Jimmy Smith involved. Smith is back in the offense after serving a four-game substance abuse suspension, and the Titans don't have Samari Rolle this time to defend him. The Jags would love to test Tennessee's cornerbacks in man coverage if they can.

2. Run, Fred, run. The best way to make that passing game work is to run the ball successfully with Fred Taylor, and Jacksonville will need him to be solid Sunday in order to knock off their division rivals. Tennessee claims to have fixed its tackling problems that caused holes in the run defense vs. Indy and New England. Taylor will give them the chance to prove it.

3. Win the turnover battle. Jacksonville rookie QB Byron Leftwich is a talent on the rise, but he has already tossed six interceptions since taking over as the starter for veteran Mark Brunell. Leftwich will have to protect the ball against the suddenly opportunistic Titans who have scored on defense in three of their past four games.

4. Don't dare McNair. The old Tom Coughlin strategy of trying make Steve McNair beat them with his arm certainly won't work anymore, as the Titans QB has joined the league's elite. The Jaguars will need to bring their pass rush and be disciplined defensively to keep the Titans passing game in check this time.

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