Johnson goes back for gold teeth, misses bus to stadium

Sunday, August 9, 2009 at 6:50pm

CANTON, Ohio — Chris Johnson’s Twitter feed indicated that he and LenDale White missed the team bus on the way to Fawcett Stadium.

However, White and Johnson were on the 4:45 bus, sources confirmed, as the Titans have at least three buses to the stadium.

White and Johnson arrived in the lobby just as the 4 p.m. bus was pulling out, leaving them to have to catch the last bus.

Johnson said he had to get his gold teeth in another Tweet, and that caused him to be late.


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By: knilob on 8/10/09 at 8:25

I'm so glad his priorities are in line. I wouldn't want him to get caught in front of a national TV audience without his grill.

By: courier37027 on 8/10/09 at 5:21

knilob, you just don't know the pressures facing this running back. First Johnson had to find a new nickname since "Smash and Dash" is so last year. Second he asked NCP's Terry McCormick to help enlist the fans' help to name a new end zone dance. All these essential distractions would make anyone leave their designer teeth in a hotel room.

By: blktenn on 8/11/09 at 7:46

Boy! why do there even draft black guys

By: obedrm28 on 8/20/10 at 5:05

blktenn why do they make dumb people like you leave comments