Mawae fires back at Rodney Harrison

Friday, November 6, 2009 at 3:07pm

A day after being accused by Rodney Harrison of being the dirtiest player on the dirtiest team in the NFL, Tennessee Titans center Kevin Mawae fired back at safety-turned-NBC commentator.

“He must have a thing for me. Every time he talks about dirty players, he always talks about me. That’s kind of his way of deflecting attention from himself. I don’t know,” Mawae said. “There’s so much stuff I could say right now, but I think the best thing to say is, isn’t Rodney Harrison a guy doing TV now?

“There’s nothing I can say that’s not gonna be negative, but whatever. He’s the one up in the booth now, and I’m the one still playing ball. Go figure.”

On The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday, Harrison said of the Titans’ center, “"Kevin Mawae is dirty. He's a dirty dude.”
Mawae was tied for fourth on the list of Sports Illustrated’s player poll of the dirtiest players in the NFL.

Mawae said he would put his body of work up against Harrison’s any time when comes to playing the game the right way.

“If Rodney Harrison wants to accuse somebody of being dirty, tell him to look at his 16 years of highlights,” Mawae said. “I guarantee he got fined more in one year than I have in my entire career.”

Mawae took issue with Harrison’s assessment Wednesday that the Titans were laughing on the sideline after then Tennessee receiver Bobby Wade hit Harrison on the knee, ending his 2006 season with an MCL injury.

“Maybe it’s just the way to deflect the attention away from himself. I think everybody knows that’s been in this league a long time that he may be the dirtiest guy that’s ever played this game.” Mawae said. “I think somebody forgot to tell him that that long wide, three foot white line on the sidelines, we play inside those. He spent a lot of his time playing outside of those.”

Mawae indicated that Harrison has always had a beef with him.

“For whatever reason, I’ve always been the target of his anger. Maybe when we were young players and I was in Seattle and he was in San Diego, I might have given him a shot or two, I don’t know,” Mawae said. “It just seems like whatever team I’m on, that happens to be the dirtiest team in the league, according to Rodney Harrison. … I don’t have a whole lot of respect for him.”

Injury report

The Titans had four players who did not practice and will all be listed as questionable on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

Those who did not practice Friday include tackle David Stewart (hamstring), tackle Mike Otto (knee), defensive end Jevon Kearse (knee) and linebacker David Thornton (hip) both were out of practice. Nickelback Vincent Fuller (groin) was limited and will also be questionable. Cornerback Nick Harper (forearm) was limited and will be listed as questionable, but had not been cleared for contact. Running back Javon Ringer (back) is out.

3 Comments on this post:

By: house_of_pain on 11/7/09 at 9:37

Too funny, Kevin. You probably just stepped on his pacifier at some point.
Quit crying, Rodney.

By: yank283 on 11/7/09 at 1:11

That's hilarious. Those Patriot defenses (on Rodney's teams) were some of the dirtiest in NFL history, everyone but the referees knew that.

By: slim53 on 11/9/09 at 2:13

Mawae is right! Rodney Harrison was a cheap shot artist! He used to love drilling people after they were out of bounds or go for the knees. Harrison and Roy Williams for the cowboys are just alike. They wouldn't try to tackle you. They would try to put you out of the game just like the way Williams end Tyrone Calico's career with that horse collar. Harrison is a carbon copy!