NHL suspends Tootoo two games for Saturday's incident

Tuesday, December 6, 2011 at 2:26pm

Jordin Tootoo will sit out two games, beginning with today’s contest against Phoenix, for his collision with Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller on Saturday.

The suspension was announced Tuesday afternoon by the league. A disciplinary hearing on the matter was conducted a day earlier.

Tootoo maintained after the game and again Monday that he attempted to avoid Miller, but was pushed from behind by defenseman Christian Eherhoff. Brendan Shanahan of the league’s player safety department acknowledged that contact but deemed it insignificant in regard to Tootoo’s path.

“The onus is on Tootoo to avoid or minimize his contact with the goaltender,” Shanahan said in a video explaining the ruling. “Instead … Tootoo continues on his direct path out of the corner, toward the crease and crashes up and into the Buffalo goaltender.

“While we believe that Tootoo’s motivation on this play was to score and not to hit Miller, the fact remains that it is the attacking player’s responsibility to make a better effort not to crash directly into the opposing goaltender.”

Shanhan added that the five-minute major for charging and the game misconduct assessed Tootoo at the time of the incident were correct. He also hinted that the suspension might have been longer except that Tootoo had not been subject to any supplemental discipline for four years.

Tootoo will forfeit $13,513.52 in salary, which will go to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

He will be eligible to return to the lineup Saturday against Anaheim.

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By: Radix on 12/7/11 at 9:02

Tootoo was being spun by the D-man. If no contact was made, Tootoo's trajectory would have taken him in front of the goalie. Call me a homer, but Shanahan is getting a lot of criticism for some bad calls.

By: martikafo on 12/7/11 at 11:03

Tootoo was clearly pushed into Miller by Eherhoff. This once again shows the league's bias against the Nashville Predators. The referrees constantly rule against the Preds and leave the other team, especially the Canadian teams, to pretty much do as they please. This was particularly obvious during the game against the Sabers. A few games ago, Pekka was slammed into and nothing was done! The leagues erratic enforcement of the rules, usually going against the Preds, leads me to feel that the NHL wishes the Preds to fail. Why spend all the money I have, since day one, on season tickets, if the fix is already in against the Preds? If I was into that, I would be a wrestling fan. Get it together NHL! Tooto has successfully reformed his former bad-boy ways. For once give him the benefit of the doubt and us Preds fan a break.

By: martikafo on 12/7/11 at 1:38

On November 29, Calagary Flame Rene Bourque slammed into Pekka. I couldn't remember exactly, so I googled it. There are photos of the incident on several Calgary media sites, if you want to investigate for yourself. Nothing was done to him as a result. Double standard?