No surprise, Nashville to pick 11th in NHL Draft

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 at 8:56pm
Staff Reports

The NHL’s Draft Drawing went according to the odds on Tuesday, and the Nashville Predators were left with the 11th overall pick for the 2009 draft.

Nashville has picked higher than 11th six times and later than that five times in its history.

The New York Islanders won the drawing, which was conducted in New York, and retained the first overall selection. They had a 25 percent chance to win.

The draft order for the top 14 picks:

1.  New York Islanders
2.  Tampa Bay Lightning
3.  Colorado Avalanche
4.  Atlanta Thrashers
5.  Los Angeles Kings
6.  Phoenix Coyotes
7.  Toronto Maple Leafs
8.  Dallas Stars
9.  Ottawa Senators
10.  Edmonton Oilers
11.  Nashville Predators
12.  Minnesota Wild
13.  Buffalo Sabres
14.  Florida Panthers

The remainder of the round will be set after the Stanley Cup playoffs have concluded. The draft will take place June 26-27 in Montreal.