Pacman Jones to offer counsel to incoming NFL rookies

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 2:44pm
Staff reports

Pacman Jones speaks from experience. Bad experience.

Consequently, the National Football League has asked the former cornerback for the Tennessee Titans and two other NFL teams to address participants in its annual rookie symposium, June 25-28. He also will take part in panel discussions during the event, which is designed to counsel incoming draft picks on dealing with the challenges of fame and wealth that accompany life as a professional football player.

"The message is, this is not a joke. At the end of the day you have to treat it like a business," Jones said, according to the Cincinnati Bengals website. "And you're a business owner, and every decision you make is a reflection of you."

The Titans selected Jones with the sixth overall pick in 2005, and two years later a series of off-the-field issues resulted in a suspension that cost him the entire 2007 season. Most notable among seven arrests during the course of his professional career was one that involved a 2007 shooting at a Las Vegas strip club, for which he got one year probation when he accepted a plea bargain on a gross misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct.

He’s also undergone a pair of surgical procedures on his neck in the last two years.

Jones currently is preparing for his third season with Cincinnati. He played two seasons with the Titans and one with Dallas and he was out of football in 2009.

"What you do on the field, what you do off the field, it's all a reflection of you," Jones said. "Going to the club here, going to the club there. Having 100 people with you. Checking your advisors, your accountants. Just basic stuff."

Basic stuff he had to learn the hard way.

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By: garrthom on 6/13/12 at 3:37

He can teach rookies how to make it rain.

By: ralane on 6/13/12 at 6:00

The dumb and bummer is going to set the path for the novice, this ought to be down hill all the way.

By: MetalMan on 6/14/12 at 5:55

That might be the funniest thing I ever read.

By: bfra on 6/14/12 at 7:50

This has got to be a joke!

By: bfra on 6/14/12 at 7:52

Bet Titan1 will be there with baited breath!

By: cookeville on 6/14/12 at 9:32

Why are you people so negative? There is no one more qualified to teach about something than those who have experienced it. Get over your negativity and give the guy a break. There but for an accident of birth go you.

By: royt5 on 6/14/12 at 10:43

Give the guy a break. If someone knows about how you can fall from grace, Pacman is it. Let's hope that he has seen the light.

By: TITAN1 on 6/14/12 at 2:46

I hope he has learned and can teach them a lot.

cookeville, never mind bfra, he thrives on being bitter and negative.

By: bfra on 6/14/12 at 3:58

Nah! Titan1 - Just reminding you how you thought you knew so much about the thug & praised him like an idol. Didn't matter what he did off the field (your words).

By: 4gold on 6/15/12 at 6:02

No one recovers from being that dumb. I wonder if he still misses going down to the mall and taking his shirt off? That is what he said he missed most now that he was famous. A guy with real goals and they want him to teach? LOL.

By: TITAN1 on 6/15/12 at 6:16

bfra, you have twisted the facts so much that it has warped your memory. First of all, it was not I who said you can do whatever you want off the field, that was Big Papa. I supported him not being kicked off the team until the Vegas incident. I said he needed to make better decisions and stay out of clubs. I believe anyone can change, even you.

By: TITAN1 on 6/15/12 at 6:20

4gold, do you believe in God? The Bible teaches anyone can change and that includes Adam Jones. I don't know if he has changed or not, time will tell.