Predators forced to deal with another shootout defeat

Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 1:19am
Staff reports

The point of games is to win.

The Nashville Predators have done so just once in their first five outings this season. Thus, they must be content with the fact that in three of their four defeats they at least earned a point.

It happened again Saturday when they fell in a shootout, 3-2 to the Anaheim Ducks at Anaheim.

It was the third time the Predators played beyond regulation. They also lost the first two, against Columbus and St. Louis, in shootouts.

Anaheim goalie Viktor Fasth, a 30-year-old in his first NHL contest, stopped all three Nashville skaters in the tiebreaker. The Ducks got a successful attempt from their second skater, Corey Perry, which was enough for them to earn the extra point.

At the start of the day, Nashville and Anaheim were two of six Western Conference teams with four points. The Ducks got theirs in three games whereas the Predators did so in four contests.

Both teams also were held scoreless in their previous outings. Nashville lost 3-0 at St. Louis on Thursday, and Anaheim dropped its home-opener 5-0 to Vancouver on Friday.

In this one the shots were identical through each of the three periods – 7-6-6 – 19 for both sides. Anaheim had a slight edge (3-2) in the overtime. The last shot was by Nashville’s Ryan Ellis just before the end of the four-on-four segment.

The Predators led twice, albeit only briefly the second time. David Legwand’s goal at 10:09 of third period made it 2-1, but Anaheim answered with a goal by Daniel Winnik 63 seconds later.

Brandon Yip’s unassisted goal 1:52 into the contest gave Nashville a 1-0 advantage that stood until the final minute of the second period.

Nashville finished without Patric Hornqvist, who came into the game tied with Martin Erat for the team scoring lead. The right wing needed help to get to the bench after Ryan Getzlaf fell on his left leg as the two battled in the corner just before the mid-point of the final period. He did not return.

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By: Rasputin72 on 1/27/13 at 2:27

Ice Hockey may be a sport that is enjoyed by only a few Nashvillians but wearing that gold ice hockey jersey downtown is very important to them.

By: joe41 on 1/27/13 at 8:25

Only if you consider about 30,000 a few.

By: Heat Lightnin on 1/27/13 at 10:34

Ras is so jealous that people enjoy hockey that he comes on and mock and sneer every chance he gets. Every article. First poster. Why don't you go rain on someone else's parade?

By: Lorenzo on 1/27/13 at 11:43

Oh leave old Ras alone. He is just a sad lonely clinical person without much of a life. He needs the attention and glad the hockey throng has the ability to give him a purpose.

By: same story on 1/27/13 at 11:53

Well let's look at it this way we pay large amounts of money to watch people play a game that most played when they were a kid Baseball , Football,and Basketball , and Hockey and they are all playing for one thing this big champions right to brag we're number1, Then when they do it we run out in the streets like a bunch of crazy people for this celebration of tearing things up turning over cars all this for one city to hold up a piece of wood and metal or a glass football or a trophy with a bunch of baseball flags on it not thinking about the millions of dollars we just gave to these guys to play a kids game the cars and homes we bought them plus money we spent on hats and jerseys at the end of the day what has been accomplished nothing but adults doing kids bragging rights about their champion you go back to your regular 9 to 5 , five to six days a week so we can make that money to pay these guys again and again just to say we're number 1 think about it all this for a kids game who is the real winner the players they just took a ton of your money it does'nt matter win or lose when they go home with your money they have already won JUST SO SOMEBODY CAN SAY WE'RE NUMBER 1 AND THATS ALL YOU GET did they feed you did they clothe you no they took your money and played a game that they played as a kid and
got to be a kid again only a rich kid . Nice

By: Rasputin72 on 1/27/13 at 3:57

No other sport has as many absolutely fanatical fans as ice hockey. I am told that ice hockey is a blue collar sport. If that is true then that might explain why the fans get a little defensive if those who could give a shit less about ice hockey in the south.

By: TITAN1 on 1/27/13 at 9:21

RaspRump, everybody sees right through you. Give it up, joy sucking is for losers. Oh wait!

By: TITAN1 on 1/27/13 at 9:38

same story on, if your last post is how you really feel, then does that make you an idiot for having season tickets? Or do you just like to whine in general?