Ravens' four-fold mission

Tuesday, December 30, 2003 at 1:00am

1. Keep pouring it on. The Ravens have been able to win the mind games and create their own breaks against the Titans ever since the 2000 season. An early turnover or big play on special teams could be a crippling blow in a postseason atmosphere. If Ray Lewis is involved in the big play for Baltimore, all the better for their chances.

2. Jam with Jamal. Jamal Lewis is the key offensively. He makes the Ravens offense go, and if Baltimore can spring him free against the Titans' defense, they can roll up a sixth consecutive victory at the Titans' expense.

3. Make the Wright calls. The Ravens don't want this game resting in the hands of Anthony Wright, if they can help it. The key, then, is to do well on first and second down to keep the game manageable for Wright on third down.

4. Contain Steve McNair. The Ravens will probably get the best that Steve McNair has to offer Saturday, especially with the quarterback rested and beginning to heal up. Baltimore's front four will have to keep McNair in the pocket as much as possible. Letting him get on the edge with options to run or make a play downfield is dangerous for the Ravens defense.

- Terry McCormick

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