Reinfeldt adds to discussion on CJ contract possibilities

Thursday, August 11, 2011 at 7:02pm

Any discussion in regard to Chris Johnson involves numbers, whether actual or imagined.

For example, it is almost impossible not to mention 2,006, the number of rushing yards he had in 2009 when he was the NFL’s Offensive Most Valuable Player.

Lately, though, any mention of Johnson includes speculation about what contract numbers are required to get the running back to camp. Tennessee Titans general manager Mike Reinfeldt added a little to the discussion Thursday afternoon.

“We're willing to make him the highest paid running back in the history of the NFL,” Reinfeldt told the Associated Press. “That's kind of where we are.”

Yet two weeks into training camp and two days before the preseason opener, Johnson remains elsewhere.

Reinfeldt has maintained since the start of camp that he would not conduct negotiations unless Johnson was in attendance. Last Saturday, he even offered that the franchise would be comfortable if the player attended meetings but did not take part in workouts.

Johnson is entrenched enough in his position that he gave up an accrued year toward free agency earlier this week when he did not report to camp by the league-mandated deadline.

Of course, the type of contract he seeks would negate the need for free agency anytime soon.

"The reality is you hope those players are with you for 10 years and what you don't want to do is destroy a 10-year relationship over a two-week contract negotiation," Reinfeldt said in the AP report. "People get upset at some point, we all come back, we're all family.”

The current standard for running backs belongs to DeAngelo Williams, who signed a five-year, $43 million ($21 million guaranteed) deal with Carolina prior to this season.

Williams has rushed for 4,211 yards and 31 touchdowns in five NFL seasons. Johnson has rushed for 4,598 yards and 34 touchdowns in three seasons.

“As a coach you want him here now,” Mike Munchak said following Thursday’s workout. “… Every player is different … but I assume [Reinfeldt] is doing everything he can to get him in here.”

Reinfeldt was not available to the local media.

Teammates have been widely supportive of Johnson’s efforts to get paid and have expressed no concern about his performance once he does rejoin their ranks.

One in particular summed up that feeling – how else – with a bevy of numbers.

“28 is ready to go 24/7 the days of the week,” wide receiver Kenny Britt said. “He’ll wake up right out of the bed, not stretching and run a 4.1 no problem.

“We’re just hoping he gets here fast.”

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By: T-BONE on 8/12/11 at 5:36

And the sad thing is YOU are paying for these mercenaries!!! Honey go get me some more "tatter" chips, cheese puffs, and a beer, I'm too fat and lazy to get off the sofa to do it! Anyway, I live my life vicariously through PHOOTBALL players...."Them is my hero's!
The male "SOAP OPERA"....continues!

By: fdanshep on 8/12/11 at 6:10

T-Bone, I got on you the other day regarding the Hasselbeck comment but I am with you on this one. On average, we're lucky to take home $2,000,000 over the course of our careers and we are PO'ed when Titans management doesn't pony up a $30,000,000 down payment on a 5 year $60,000,000 contract for a guy that has already shown himself to be a prima donna "look at me" type player. But you know what, he is a good runner and we need him to be successful.

So, let's pay him, use him and when he is used up he can get the hell outta Dodge and we won't hear from him again. He ain't no Eddie George, a guy that will always be Mr. Titan!

By: tn.native on 8/12/11 at 10:57

A microcosm of the culture...those at the top make ridiculous sums while those that help get them there make much less. Why that much money? Tickets, parking, and team accessories will all go up. The commercials will be more frequent and annoying. How much gold can you put in those teeth? You'd think they could walk on water instead of walking into the end zone. I enjoy watching those athletes that are at the top of their game but it seems that management and agents are the ones that have done so much to escalate the salaries of these players. Do any of them make less than 6 figures? How many days a year are they on the job? CJ is an outstanding player but the ego issues undercut the true sense of sports as it has become such big business.

By: richgoose on 8/13/11 at 8:34

An employee bought a PSL on the first day that PSLs were available back in 1998. He became disenchanted with the Bud Adams franchise in 2004. He kept the PSL and sold the tickets each year at the book value. This year he has advertised on CraigsList,Amazon and the local paper to sell his tickets. He even offered to discount them beyone book level.

He has not been able to sell the tickets. The public is beginning to find out that a Bud Adams franchise is the poster child for mediocrity.

By: not_guilty on 8/14/11 at 3:24

If Chris Johnson would rather sit on his backside than play football this season, who are the Titans management to deprive him of that pleasure?? I realize that there is some risk of injury on the field, but this bozo has a new head coach, a new offensive coordinator, a new position coach, a new offense and a new playbook. There is no reason for him to absent himself from learning the playbook except that his priority is something other than the Titans winning football games.

Show up and suit up, Gold Teeth, and show everyone that you are something better and more valuable to this organization than a skinny Albert Haynesworth!

By the way, if you cut your hair, hire a speech coach and learn to speak proper English, there might even be some company willing to hire you to endorse its product.