Report: Belak committed suicide by hanging himself

Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 3:43pm

Wade Belak hanged himself, according to a report by the Associated Press on Thursday.

The story quoted an unnamed source “familiar with Belak's death.”

The 15-year NHL veteran who ended his career with the Nashville Predators was found dead at a luxury hotel and condominium complex in Toronto on Wednesday. Authorities declared the circumstances “non-suspicious.”

It also was announced that a private memorial service would take place Sunday afternoon in Nashville at Woodmont Christian Church.

"At this point it's non-suspicious," Toronto police spokesman Tony Vella told the AP on Thursday. "We will not provide any further information on a non-suspicious case."

Belak's widow, Jennifer, issued a statment through the Predators on Thursday afternoon but made no reference to the circumstances of his death.

“We are overwhelmed and deeply touched by the outpouring of compassion and support since Wade's passing," Jennifer Belak's statement said. "Wade was a big man with an even bigger heart. He was a deeply devoted father and husband, a loyal friend and a well respected athlete. This loss leaves a huge hole in our lives and, as we move forward, we ask that everyone remember Wade’s infectious sense of humor, his caring spirit and the joy he brought to his friends, family and fans. The coming days will be very difficult for our family and we respectfully ask that we be allowed to grieve privately.”

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By: BigPapa on 9/1/11 at 2:02

I figured it was drugs... even worse.

By: budlight on 9/2/11 at 7:47

With his job came the risk of head injury. I am personally familiar with the long lasting consequences of a head injury and suicide can be part of that equation. He had some injuries as I understand it. With no note left behind, we will never know what he was thinking or even if he was thinking. The boxer, Ali, is a prime example of what constant head banging can cause.

By: mabrown on 9/5/11 at 11:46

Yes. depression can run very deep. In fact so deep that it can be almost undetected by close friends and family. But there is also the possibility of a 'perceived failure' which is common among suicide victims. Wade's personality seemed to be a lot like my 17 year old son who took his life last September. I believe in my son's case that something probably triggered this in him and that it wasn't calculated. But again, with these outgoing personality types it is difficult to tell. I do know that if my son had played hockey, he would have been a lot like Wade. My heart goes out to Jennifer and the girls...