Review calls split for Titans

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at 2:14am

DENVER — In the oddest sequence of events since, well Sunday’s Cleveland-Baltimore field goal fiasco, the Tennessee Titans scored a touchdown on a delayed challenge, then lost quarterback Vince Young on a subsequent play that didn’t happen.

Young ran behind LenDale White on a quarterback sweep on second-and-goal at the Denver 4-yard line. He was ruled out at the 1-yard line, but replay showed that he extended the ball over the goal line before going down.

The Titans lined up for the third-and-goal play, but Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz could be feverishly seen trying to get Jeff Fisher’s attention, apparently to get him to throw the challenge flag. Fisher did not, and on the next play, Young scrambled out of danger before being knocked out of bounds and injuring his quad. The injury was called a contusion, the same muscle he strained earlier this year that kept him out of the Titans’ game at Houston. The only problem was, the play didn’t really count because the Broncos had called timeout before the play.

That timeout allowed Tennessee to challenge the previous play, since the play Young was injured on did not count. Replay gave the Titans the touchdown.

“I was on the offensive side, in discussion with the offensive staff as far as what we were gonna do, and then Jimmy came down and said he felt he scored,” Fisher explained. “Oftentimes, that’s just not enough … It did work out for us. Mike called a timeout and we got a chance to confirm it, so I challenged the play.”

Young was in obvious pain down on the sideline, before getting up and limping off after being down for a couple of minutes. Young was able to finish the game.

NO REVIEW: Titans tight end Bo Scaife made what looked to be a diving catch on Tennessee’s final drive of the first half, only to have an official rule that the ball hit the ground. Because the clock was inside two minutes in the first half, it was up to the replay official to call for a review. However, no review was done, and the potential first down catch went by the boards. The Titans settled for Bironas’ 56-yard field goal.

“I thought it was close enough at the end of the half that we would get a review,” Fisher said. “At the half, I spoke to the ref, who said he talked to the replay official, who said he had three pretty clear shots that it was no catch. I’ve heard otherwise, and I’ll have to look at it.”

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