Rookie Britt dedicates himself to Titans playbook

Thursday, May 28, 2009 at 2:18pm

Those who have been around Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger know what a stickler for details he can be.

A wrong move, especially from a wide receiver, can result in a not-so-subtle chastising from the coach for all to hear and see.

Many a young player has felt the wrath of Heimerdinger, and even first-round pick Kenny Britt knows he won’t be immune to such criticism, if it’s warranted.

But Britt says he is totally prepared for it, from the way practices were run at Rutgers University.

“Our offensive coordinator [John McNulty] at Rutgers was just like him. Actually it motivates me,” Britt said.

The best way to avoid the wrath of Heimerdinger, of course, is to know what you’re doing well enough to execute your routes and assignments correctly. And for Britt, that is job one in between the May and June OTAs.

“I’m motivated, but I’m going to try to stay calm and learn the playbook and everything,” Britt said. ‘I’m doing quite well with it right now. As a rookie, that’s the one thing that’s going to be hard, especially as a wide receiver, is just getting everything in and learning the new plays and everything. But that’s one of the things I want to do.”

Quarterback Kerry Collins, now having gotten a glance at Britt and tight end Jared Cook up close during the May OTAs, is excited about the possibilities the rookies can eventually bring to the offense. Britt should eventually be an intermediate to deep receiving threat, while Cook is being split out as a receiver some, as well as playing his normal tight end duties.

“They definitely have that big-play potential. Their size and speed can pose problems for defenses,” Collins said. “I think we’ll be more threatening because of their presence, and I think we’re all excited about that.”