Sounds owners seek investors, have no plans to move the team

Thursday, November 29, 2012 at 3:07pm

The Nashville Sounds are not for sale, but there is opportunity for additions or alterations to the ownership.

That was the message from co-owner and chief executive officer Frank Ward in a statement released by the team Thursday in response to speculation within the industry.

"I would like to make clear that the ongoing rumors and unsubstantiated reports that the team is for sale are wrong,” Ward said. “Both myself and my partner, Masahiro Honzawa, are passionately committed to professional baseball in this region and have no interest in selling the ball club.”

They are, however, prepared to offer a minority interest or interests and have decided to actively pursue additional investors.

“I would like to announce today is that we are entertaining offers from a number of individuals and corporations who have expressed an interest in becoming a minority shareholder in the club,” Ward said. “We have made it clear that any consideration would only be made to those people who share our commitment to keep the ball club in Nashville. It has always been our intention to embrace the people of this region in the future of the Sounds, a club they have supported since 1978."

The future of the Sounds, who currently serve as the Class AAA affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers, has been uncertain for years, in part because of failed attempts to build a new stadium.

Greer Stadium opened in 1978 and lacks many of the amenities and features available at many other AAA stadiums. Numerous upgrades have been made in recent years, but it still is not viewed as a long-term option.

“We believe in Nashville's rich and colorful baseball history and believe the hard work of our staff over the past four seasons proves our commitment is long-term,” Ward said. “Despite the challenges of playing in the oldest ballpark in Triple-A baseball, we have elevated baseball's relevance within the Nashville sporting scene.”

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By: Rasputin72 on 11/29/12 at 2:14

I am sorry to hear that the Nashvlle Sounds are not moving.

By: Jughead on 11/29/12 at 2:20

I am sorry to hear that Rasputin72 is still alive.

By: BigPapa on 11/29/12 at 2:55

I have to agree with Raspy on this one. I was hoping they'd go, I think the real issue is that nobody wants them.

By: JeffF on 11/29/12 at 3:41

Southern League now!!!!!!

By: TITAN1 on 11/29/12 at 9:59

rasp/rump/richgoose/frankbrown tries to act like he itoo good for AAA baseball. BigPapa thinks if he isn't interested in something, nobody should be. JeffF hates the possibility of a downtown stadium, so he continues to whine.The three stooges.

By: gdiafante on 11/30/12 at 6:34

And Titan1 keeps getting defensive when anyone opines negatively regarding a local team. I'm not sure why he takes it personally, unless he's so emotionally stunted that he can't help but to react as a five year old would.

This session was on the house, but the next time I will have to charge you my normal rates.

By: bobyounts@comca... on 11/30/12 at 8:21

Having worked for the Sounds for a couple of years, I can tell you that they cannot sell enough tickets to pay for the facility they currently have, much less any new park. Even during the playoffs, the Sounds failed to draw 500 people for a game. Even with stars like DIckey and Braun, they don't attract fans. And those day games!! I've seen them play games at 11am with less than 50 fans in attendance. Nashville is a football town; not a baseball town. Baseball is in trouble all over the country, but it really has no future in Nashville. If the city spends 1 cent on the Sounds, it is wasted money.

By: Rasputin72 on 12/1/12 at 12:26

When I was a child in the 50's baseball was my favorite sportI could name the starting line ups for at least five major league teams. I listened to Larry Munson and the Nashville Vols every night.

Today I would be hard pressed to name 10 active major league baseball players. I have not been to Sounds game in 10 years. Given a choice of a free ticket to a Sounds game or donating 100 dollars to a charity of Jesse Jackson Sr's choice I would cough up the 100.00.

The damage done by the Jackson charity to the productive class would hardly resemble the damage to my tranquility.

By: TITAN1 on 12/4/12 at 9:48

gd, are you drinking again?