The story of Randy Moss' career likely won't include much on time with Titans

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 10:41pm

Randy Moss says he’d like to write a book.

Chances are the chapter on his time with the Tennessee Titans will be among the shortest.

“I think once it is all said and done and everything settles down for me, slows down a little bit, I think I am going to write a book,” he said Wednesday during a media session at Super Bowl XLVII. “ … I think for you to really understand me and what I come from and how I do things, you need to read it.”

A member of the San Francisco 49ers, the record-setting wide receiver will play in his second career Super Bowl this Sunday, a little more than two years after it appeared his career ended with a whimper.

The Titans claimed him off waivers from Minnesota on Nov. 3, 2010, but over the final eight games of that season he caught just six passes and did not score a touchdown.

Those numbers were startlingly low considering that in previous stops in his career he exceeded them more than once in a single game against Tennessee. With Minnesota in 2001 he caught seven passes for 158 yards and a touchdown and with New England in 2009 had eight receptions for 129 yards and three touchdowns.

He was out of the league in 2011 but returned this season as a role player with the 49ers.

Throughout his career, which included two stints in Minnesota, one each with Oakland and New England as well as the time in Tennessee his relationship with the media and the public often has been contentious.

If he tells his own story, though, he says he will not do so in sensational fashion. Thus it is not likely he will unload any pent up frustration about his mostly forgettable time with the Titans.

“I am not trying to write a book that is going to be disrespectful and like that,” he said. “I think it is just something like when you go to Starbucks to get coffee or you go to see people and read a book, I would like for people to really sit down and enjoy my book. Get to know me a little better.

“I have been through a lot and I put a lot of heart, soul and dedication into this — sacrificing each and every day to make sure I go out here and prepare myself to be the best. I think that is going to be one of the main focal points of my book, the approach that I took to be how I am.”

During Tuesday’s media session, Moss made it perfectly clear that he is plenty comfortable with how he is as a football player.

He touched off a debate throughout NFL circles when he said he considered himself the greatest wide receiver in NFL history. He made no attempt to back away from that claim on Wednesday.

“You make your own judgment,” he said. “You really do. I know what I think. I am not going to sit up here and tell you how to look at it and how to judge it. I think when it comes to going out there, making plays and helping the team do the things that they are able to do to win the game — I think I am the greatest receiver ever, point blank. Next question.”

His stance does nothing to answer the one question that lingers in relation to his time with the Titans.

Why did they not make better use of him or get more from him when they had him?

Maybe that will be part of the book.

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By: GuardianDevil01 on 1/31/13 at 6:58

When Fisher said there was no way to get Moss on the field with Britt at the same time it signaled to me and I am sure many others that his time as a Titan coach should have been over years ago. Thank you for that one contribution, Randy.

By: govskeptic on 1/31/13 at 8:18

Moss was signed and treated as in "Emergency Only" situations to be on the field
for the Titans. The story mentions the small number of receptions but neglected
there was also a very small number of attempted passes to him as well.

By: jwk6179 on 1/31/13 at 1:18

David Boclair stated that Randy Moss' time with the Titans is pretty forgetable but I bet when is elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he, along with the rest of the Nashville Sports Media, will put out headlines that state "Former Titan Moss Headed Elected to Hall Of Fame"!!!

By: TITAN1 on 2/1/13 at 6:26

jw, it is Nashville, our home town. It is the home of the Titans. I would be disappointed if the local media didn't back our team in every way. If you lived in cheese country where your "favorite" team resides, you would hear their locals do the same. Remember, you are the one who pulls for other teams instead of our local team. So naturally, coverage of our team bothers you.

By: courier37027 on 2/1/13 at 7:01

TITAN1 I am surprised you are not calling for Moss's uniform number to be retired.

By: courier37027 on 2/1/13 at 7:03

If I recall the Titans were the only team to claim Moss off waivers. No one else showed interest in the receiver, either by age or character issues. Next step was side of a milk carton for Moss.

By: jwk6179 on 2/1/13 at 11:51

According to yesterday's Tennessean's story by Jim Wyatt on Randy Moss, Moss didn't have any KIND things to say about his time with the Titans, basically saying that the coaching staff didn't want him here and acusing the Titans of "BLACK BALLING" him while he was here. I bet when he is elected to the Hall of Fame, he will ask that his time with the Titans not to be included on his plaque.

By: courier37027 on 2/1/13 at 7:05

To build on jwk's point about the success of Titans past, this week has been an interesting observation of how many former and waived Titans are playing in the Super Bowl. Former Titans are playing, current Titans are cooking.

By: TITAN1 on 2/1/13 at 10:03

You act like the Titans are the only team that lets players go. In fact, the Titans have done very well of knowing when to let a player go. Most went elsewhere and did nothing. You see one or two having success and you try to make it out like the flood gates opened up. You do love to stretch and twist things to suit yourself. Nothing new there. There is a motivational CD by Ed Foreman that is really very positive, you should listen to it some time, it might help.