Titans-Amano deal still incomplete; Young's status unchanged

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 at 5:01pm

The Tennessee Titans and the agent for Eugene Amano still have not finalized an extension for the starting left guard.

The two sides were close to an extension over the weekend and into Monday, but according to Amano’s agent Rocky Arceneaux, the talks had not progressed as of Tuesday afternoon.

Amano was part of an offensive line that helped Chris Johnson rush for 2,006 yards this season, becoming only the sixth running back in NFL history to reach the 2,000-yard plateau.

Both Amano and 39-year-old center Kevin Mawae are free agents, but the Titans have yet to open any negotiations with Mawae’s agent regarding a new contract.

Amano, 28, was a seventh-round pick out of Southeast Missouri in 2004.

Young situation unchanged

With Vince Young due a $4.25 million roster bonus next month and due to count $14.2 million against the salary cap for 2010, there had been speculation that the Titans might attempt to extend Young’s deal to lower his cap figure, since he had regained the starting quarterback position last season.

However, there has been no movement on that front, according to a league source, and the Titans might be inclined to simply pay the bonus and take a wait-and-see approach regarding an extension.

Efforts to reach Young’s agent Major Adams were unsuccessful.

Young is 26-13 as a starting quarterback for Tennessee since being the third overall pick out of the University of Texas in 2006. He threw for 10 touchdown passes and had seven interceptions in helping the Titans win eight of their final 10 games.

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By: Mae on 2/17/10 at 8:49

The vast majority of Titan fans want VY to succeed. VY's pasing accuracy is extremely limiting his future. I've watched, studied, and admired quarterbacks since Starr, Unitas, Tittle, Lane, and others to the present group Manning, Brees, Rivers, and others. VY is without question the most inaccurate passer I've ever witnessed. The 58% completion percentage is deceptive, as the majority of his passes are at point blank range to CJ and AH. Many of these short passes are off target and cause the receiver to adjust to the pass. Consistently carrying the ball in one hand or holding the ball in the pocket with the ball beside his hip clearly demonstrates his ability to protect the ball.VY's recklessness with the ball is unequaled in the NFL. In a recent discussion at the pub with many VY fans, the question was asked, "Who is more important to the Titans VY or CJ?" The response was unamious. Whatever the Titans feel VY is worth, it's obvious CJ is worth much more. We only have to compare the number of other teams that would like to have VY (1 or 2) or CJ (31). VY appears to be a wonderful young man, but his passing ability is the worst in the NFL's history. He is our owners quarterback, please pray for his future, and our teams future.

By: wayneCaluger on 2/17/10 at 10:10

Mae I agree 100% and can tell you with the same certainly there is no hope for VY improve. It's all in his mechanics arm angle, more side arm than overhand, body open instead of turning side planting his throwing foot to get more body weight behind the ball with arm body follow through.

My experience over the years working on mechanics is, once formed in their early years trying to make all those adjustments only makes it worse. If you are able to make inroads in practice once under game conditions they subconsciously revert back. As I said in prior post this is not on VY, but on his coaches during his early formative years and/or an absentee father.

It's sad because he has the heart, but it takes far more than that in the NFL. There have been many promising young quarterbacks with all the proper mechanics but could not master one or more of the required skill sets like reading the defense, making the proper decision in a few seconds, working the pocket to extend plays and on. Even if a young NFL quarterback has all the basics it takes with few exceptions 3-4 years to fully develop.

If you compare Mark Sanchez's rookie season, a young man with all the proper mechanics, to other rookies his improvement was a result of honing his mental skills. However, if the proper mechanics are not there then its an uphill battle.

Quarterbacks with strong legs are a thing of the past in the NFL. Both Superbowl teams threw the ball and average of 63-67% of the time and many times on first down. You can buy all the best receivers you want, but if the quarterback cannot thread that needle or make poor choices it's all for naught. With the Colts losing Marvin Harrison and Anthony Gonzalez due to injury Manning was able to turn rookies like Pierre Garcon and unknowns like Austin Collie into super stars in a season.

So if you compare Mark Sanchez's, a true rookie quarterback success, to that of a 4 year "rookie" and what a Payton Manning was able to accomplish with rookie unknown receivers compared to high dollar free agent and high draft receivers with a college option style quarterback at the helm. And, we are still in the hunt for more receivers?

By: TITAN1 on 2/17/10 at 3:00