Titans’ Bulluck says it’s wrong to judge his friend Vince Young

Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 12:00am

Keith Bulluck considers quarterback Vince Young not only a teammate, but a friend as well. But when it comes to the on-going saga of interviews regarding Young of late, and his reviewing of the events during and in the aftermath of the 2008 season opener, Bulluck would just as soon steer clear of that subject.

“We talk every day, mostly not about football,” Bulluck said Wednesday. “I don’t pay too much attention to [Young’s interviews]. It’s not for me [talk about]. I have my own self to worry about, and I’m just trying to get myself prepared for my season. How he handles his business and how he handles this, and how each of us as individuals handle our business, and the way we approach our job, that’s how we do it.”

Bulluck, one of the team’s elder statesmen with nine years as a Tennessee Titan, said he himself still respects Young as a teammate, and that as long as such matters don’t disrupt team chemistry or become too much of a distraction, he won’t get too concerned about any interviews.

“I can’t speak for everyone in this locker room. I can only speak for myself. He has my respect as a teammate and as a friend,” Bulluck said. “With that said, all the other things, I don’t even get into and don’t care to get into, because it’s kind of stupid. At the end of the day, you’ve got to go out there and play and perform as opportunities arise.

“Like I’ve been saying, it has nothing to do with me. It’s the middle of the summer, so stories I guess need to be reported on. But come August and when things get close to time to play, then it might have more of an effect on me and my teammates in that respect.”

Titans coach Jeff Fisher on Wednesday said he believed that Young put the matter behind him last year during the course of the season.

“Those first couple games when he came back, that was hard for him and hard for everybody. It wasn’t an easy thing, but he came around,” Fisher said. “He had fun on the practice field and worked. He knew he had to prepare himself to be ready to play because we had a good thing going and he did. The time away right when the season was over was good for him and he came back in and we had our meeting and he has been fine.

“Still, Young has made plenty of headlines with recent interviews, one with a Baltimore TV station that inferred a desire to be traded if he wasn’t the starter, and an ESPN interview that aired over the weekend, saying that there was a time where he didn’t want to play last season.”

On Wednesday, Young spoke to local media to again broach the subject and try to put it to rest. Bulluck said the matter isn’t for any teammate to judge, but that each player much be accountable in his own way.

“I feel like a lot of guys in this league, they expect things to just be given to them. I feel for one, I was one who had to earn my spot,” Bulluck said. “I had to sit and learn for two years until I got my opportunity.

“But it’s not for me to judge. It’s not for anyone to judge. Everyone is going to have their opinion, but if I spent time worrying about everybody else, I wouldn’t get stuff taken care of myself. That’s how I approach that stuff.”

IN AND OUT: Receiver Justin Gage was slowed a bit by a leg injury suffered in Tuesday’s OTA session, so he sat out Wednesday’s work. It was a bit of a surprise as to who got the first-team work, however, as for the time being, Chris Davis worked with the first unit, ahead of both Kenny Britt and Lavelle Hawkins. Davis made several nice catches on the day, prompting quarterback Kerry Collins to remark that “the light has come on” for Davis.

Others who were out of Wednesday’s work included Kevin Mawae (elbow), Jevon Kearse (knee), Nick Harper (excused) and Craig Hentrich (excused). Kearse, according to Fisher, is expected to being doing some work next week as he returns from off-season knee surgery.


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By: gratefulted on 6/18/09 at 2:16

If Vince really wants to put this to rest. he needs to shut up and play. The very fact that Bullock is talking about it proves that his rants are, in fact, affecting the team. I am beginning to dread anytime I hear Vince has spoken with the media. They are using him because they know something stupid and controversial will, inevitably, come out of his mouth. He can't help it, obviously. What happenned, happenned. Vince can deny it all forever, but that doesn't change the facts. He has become an incurable cancer to the Titans.
Wasting a #3 pick on Young was a terrible mistake. Its time to move on.

By: courier37027 on 6/18/09 at 8:18

Bulluck took time from his childish Terrible Towel stomping tirade to speak up? Wow, this is leadership.