Titans dismissed from civil lawsuit against Pacman

Wednesday, January 9, 2008 at 7:41pm

A Clark County District Court judge dismissed the Tennessee Titans from the civil lawsuit involving Thomas and Kathy Urbanski against Adam “Pacman” Jones, the NFL, Harlem Knights and other defendants today.

Judge Jessie Walsh ruled in favor of the Titans, saying they have no liability in the case that stems from Jones’ alleged actions in a strip club fight last Feb. 19.

Urbanski, who was paralyzed from the waist down from shots in a parking lot outside the Minxx Gentleman’s Club last Feb. 19, had sued Jones, his co-defendants, the club event promoter and had expanded the lawsuit to cover the Titans franchise and the NFL when it was filed in October 2007.

Their argument was that since Jones is in their employment, the team and the league were responsible for his actions.

Walsh disagreed, saying, “It is incredibly unfortunate what happened to Mr. Urbanski, but that has nothing to do with the Tennessee Titans, their interactive Web site, merchandising or their employment contract with Jones. It offends the traditional notions of fair play and substantial justice to assert personal jurisdiction.”

Jones and co-defendants Sadia Morrison and Robert Reid, were accused of inciting the fight inside the club. Jones was originally criminally charged with two counts of felony coercion, but pleaded no contest to one count of conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct.

Titans president and chief operating officer Steve Underwood said in a statement regarding the ruling, “We are satisfied that the judge in this case agreed with our position.”

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