Titans' four-fold mission

Tuesday, December 16, 2003 at 1:00am

1. Take care of business. The Titans are only 4-3 on the road and stubbed their toes the last time out away from The Coliseum by losing to the New York Jets. With a playoff berth at stake, Tennessee must find a way to win and go ahead a wrap up its fourth postseason bid in the past five seasons.

2. Stay balanced offensively. The Titans, whether Steve McNair or Billy Volek gets the call at quarterback, should not have much problem staying balanced offensively because the Texans' defense ranks 31st in passing yards allowed and 28th in rushing yards allowed.

3. Get some turnovers. The Titans have been a bit short in coming up with turnovers over the past four to five weeks. Now is the time for Tennessee to turn up the heat defensively, especially with Jevon Kearse getting healthier after missing time with an ankle injury.

4. Control the ball. The Titans offense has done well on third down this season, converting 43.4 percent of their chances. Stopping the opposition and getting off the field has been a problem for the Texans. The Titans may be able to wear down the Houston defense with long sustained drives and winning time of possession.

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