Titans four-fold mission

Tuesday, October 21, 2003 at 1:00am

1.Get a big return. If the Titans are ever going to break a big kickoff return or a punt return, then this might be the week it happens. The Jaguars are ranked 30th in the league in punt coverage and 31st in kickoff return coverage. It's time for Jake Schifino and/or Justin McCareins to step up.

2. Keep the heat on. The Titans got up early on the road against Carolina, and wound up turning the game into a rout by going over 30 points for the fourth straight week. With the running game still spotty, the Titans will need Steve McNair to keep the high-octane offense going against the Jags, who are 24th vs. the pass.

3. Spread and run. The Titans may have found something in the run game splitting the carries more evenly between Eddie George and Robert Holcombe and running out of the three-wide. It's worth a try to keep it and build on the 134-yard momentum gained against Carolina.

4. Pressure the rookie. Byron Leftwich is now at the controls of the Jacksonville offense. Past Titans teams have had trouble with young quarterbacks they are seeing for the first time. The defense's M.O. this week will be to keep the pressure on and not let Leftwich gain confidence early.

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