Titans' four-fold mission

Tuesday, November 11, 2003 at 1:00am

1. Don't overlook the Jags. The Titans are playing with great confidence right now, and they should be with six straight games over 30 points and four consecutive double-digit wins. However, they must ward off overconfidence against a Jaguars team they have dominated in recent years.

2. Stuff and harass. The formula that worked against the Dolphins of taking away the running game and putting the quarterback in peril should work against Jacksonville as well. The Titans will have to keep Fred Taylor in check, then hound rookie Byron Leftwich.

3. Score early, score often. When the Titans have been at their best, they have jumped on opponents early with Steve McNair and the passing game, then use the running game late. If the Titans can get a big lead, they can make the Jags play their type of game Sunday.

4. Shut down Jimmy Smith. Andre Dyson, who continues to come up with big plays, did a nice job on Jimmy Smith in the earlier meeting two games ago, but chances are Samari Rolle, a Jaguar killer, will be back on Smith this week and looking to make some big plays.

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