Titans' McRath suspended for violating league’s steriod policy

Monday, June 14, 2010 at 3:48pm

Titans’ second-year linebacker Gerald McRath has been suspended without pay for the first four games of the 2010 season for violating the NFL performance enhancing drug policy, according to a statement by the NFL.

The four-game suspension begins Sept. 4., and McRath will be eligible to return Oct. 4, one day after the Titans play the Denver Broncos.

McRath violated the league’s steroids policy.

Titans Coach Jeff Fisher said McRath and most of his teammates are “very, very conscientious” about what they put in their bodies.

“We feel like we go above and beyond as far as teaching the players their responsibility as far as what they put in their bodies,” Fisher said. “There are situations where even though you think you’re taking a product that is safe, oftentimes there are contaminated batches. With that being said we are still pulling together some information but the league’s decision is final and we will be without Gerald [for four games].”

McRath is still eligible to participate in all Titans preseason games, practices and activities, but the suspension knocks McRath out of competition for a starting position at linebacker.

It also leaves a hole in the Titans’ defense.

“We’ve got plenty of options as far as the position is concerned. We’ve got great competition, we’ve got plenty of time to sort it out,” Fisher said. We’ve got ‘Spoon [Will Witherspoon] here who’s having a great offseason. Collin Allred’s played out there, Jamie Winborn’s played out there, Kegs [Standford Kegler] has played so we’ve got options. And as I’ve said all along I’m still watching the Keith Bulluck situation.”

Fisher said he does not see the incident as a disregard for league policy.

“I believe in my discussions with Gerald that there was nothing intentional,” Fisher said. “You can get your hands on something that appears to be safe, that the label is accurate as far as all the ingredients are concerned but there is a contaminated batch.”

Fisher said Stephen Tulloch signed his tender Monday morning.

“Tully’s thing is going to get worked out,” Fisher said.

Tulloch was not at practice but signing his tender indicates that his return is imminent.

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By: idgaf on 6/15/10 at 4:06

These Titians are more trouble then they are worth (and it costs us).

With sports being so important in our society to some if cheating and bad behavior is permitted or lightly treated it spills over to other aspects of life.

If its OK for their "hero" to cheat why can't they in business and in dealing with people in general? If caught the penalty is all that great.

A season long suspension would have gotten more peoples attention and showed the players that the money they rain away at strip clubs would be wiser to be saved in case they get caught and are without a salary for the season.

Its not only the NFL is all sports like that driver that busted up the guitar trophy.

By: idgaf on 6/15/10 at 4:13

is / isn't

By: house_of_pain on 6/15/10 at 5:18

The NFL needs to revamp this policy. Players can't even take a Flintstones vitamin without testing positive for a "banned substance".