Titans ready to get competitive in workout with Falcons

Sunday, August 5, 2012 at 11:48pm

Tommie Campbell is quick to admit that he has no experience in such things.

The second-year Tennessee Titans cornerback figures he simply will rely on what he knows for Monday’s joint workout with the Atlanta Falcons at Dalton, Ga.

“I’m looking at it like a game,” he said.

That sort of competitiveness is what makes shared practices such as this one worthwhile for both teams. A little more than a week into training camp, it breaks up the doldrums and adds to the intensity.

At the same time, there is the potential for problems.

“You may have some pushing and shoving but the goal on both sides is to stay away from those types of things,” Tennessee coach Mike Munchak said. “I think we’ll do a good job of making sure the players realize that when we get down there.”

The contact will be minimized by the fact that the teams will not work in full pads. The idea, though, is to maximize the work for all parties.

The teams will work together for three hours at Coahulla Creek High School and the event will be open to the public. The starting offenses will go against the starting defenses of each.

With two training camp-sized rosters in one place, the football field is not big enough to hold them all. Half of the player involved will work on an adjacent baseball field.

“It’s going to be two practices going on at the same time,” Munchak said. [Falcons coach Mike Smith] will run the drill with his offense and I’ll do the same with ours. The periods and stuff we do, I think, are very similar.

“All that should be different for these guys is just the different venue and different players.”

That, and the competitiveness of the affair.

“It’s competitive here but you’re kind of taking care of one another and you’re on the same team,” quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said. “There, there’s an adrenaline rush from it. … The tempo is much better and the hitting is a little louder, which is probably why coaches love it. At the end of the day, it’s a good thing but you have to buckle your chin strap and get your mind right before because it’s going to be a competitive deal.

“I think it probably will help the coaches a little more to evaluate us. It’s like an extra game to the players, like a preseason game sometimes.”

Campbell, apparently, has the right approach.


• There was a tense moment about midway through Sunday’s workout when first-round draft pick Kendall Wright got up gingerly after he was hit by Campbell as he tried to catch a pass.

“[Campbell] made a joke that if he hurt me, he probably would have been cut,” Wright said. “He just made a good play on the ball.”

After some brief attention from the training staff, Wright returned to action and finished the workout.