Titans roundup: Monday, Oct. 1

Monday, October 1, 2012 at 8:44am
Matt Matoh, City Paper Correspondent

Your daily roundup of All Things Titans . . .

The City Paper: Locker injures shoulder again in Titans' blowout loss to undefeated Texans.

The Tennessean: Hasselbeck still adjusting to backup role in Titans' offense. (subscription may be required)

ESPN.com: Chris Johnson a lone bright spot in Titans' embarrassing loss at Texans.

Titans Online: Hasselbeck's performance a mixed bag after coming in to relieve Locker.

Houston Chronicle: Texans accuse Titans' OT Stewart of being a "dirty player".

Sports Illustrated: Titans' RB Johnson breakout game makes him even more of a headache for fantasy owners moving forward.

ESPN.com: Titans' week 5 opponent Vikings defeat Detroit behind strength of two special teams touchdowns.

CBS Sports: Texans' defense comes up big in victory over Titans.

3 Comments on this post:

By: MusicCity615 on 10/1/12 at 7:14

We need a new offensive and defensive coordinator.

By: pepawjoe on 10/1/12 at 8:59

First of ALL, did Johnson record most of HIS yardage "DURING HALF-TIME"???
I'm an avid Football Fan to start with. When Bud Adams made the decision to "THROW AWAY" all the $$ MILLIONS $$ on someone who is incapable of producing, and is now just laughing because "He SOLD Mr Adams a "BILL OF GOODS", on someone's Future instead of Proven Preformances. I sure "HOPE" Mr Adams has provided for "FAILURE to Produce". Once Again, the People of Nashville, especially Coaches, Fans, Business Men/Women "DON'T GET ANY INPUT".
Empty Seats. "GET USED IT", the Titans and Coaching Staffs will "SPEND YOUR MONEY" anyway. For the Past two years, especially 2012, A Real Coaching Staff under Mr Fisher sure makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE. ( Titans 5-11 if they get LUCKY.) (Johnson, A TOTAL WASTE of SEVERAL Other Players for the Titans).

By: ghost7638ghost7... on 10/1/12 at 10:19

It is a shame that Vanderbilt can't take the place of the Titan in the NFL, they could do a better job than the Titans and probably couldn't beat a college team. Lions shot themselves in the foot otherwise the Titan would not of won one game this year, which is my predition.