Titans surrender more than 50 points again, routed by Packers

Sunday, December 23, 2012 at 4:59pm
Staff reports

It seemed as if the worst was over for the Tennessee Titans in early November. Then came Sunday.

Kenny Britt’s two-yard touchdown reception with 1:39 to play kept the Titans from being shut out for the first time in more than two years, but they still endured the worst defeat of coach Mike Munchak’s tenure.

They fell 55-7 to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in a contest that was every bit as lopsided as the final score suggests.

"It is never easy to lose, especially like this," quarterback Jake Locker said. "You just have to keep working and find ways to overcome it and get better. There are a bunch of things that you can point to [Sunday], but it just seemed like that there were a lot of opportunities that we didn’t capitalize on."

It was the second time this season Tennessee allowed more than 50 points in a contest — a franchise first — and it raised the total allowed this season to 451, nine shy of the most in team history (1983).

A 51-20 defeat to Chicago on Nov. 4 was considered something of a turning point. Since then, Munchak’s team had gone 2-3 but two of those losses were by less than a touchdown. This was worse.

"I thought it would be a way better game than this, but it just didn't turn out," running back Chris Johnson said. "We just need to execute. The coaches can't go out there and play for us. Whatever plays they decide to call, we have to make the most out of that play."

The Titans (5-10) had 180 yards of total offense to Green Bay’s 460 and committed the game’s only two turnovers, a pair of first-quarter interceptions by  Locker. In fact, at the start of the second quarter the second-year quarterback had thrown more interceptions than completions (one).

The Packers (11-4) led 20-0 at halftime and scored touchdowns on their first five second-half possessions. The longest of those drives was 80 yards in eight plays and the shortest was seven yards in one play, the latter after Tennessee allowed a 58-yard punt return.

Playing behind an offensive line that was retooled once again — Mitch Petrus at right guard and Byron Stingily at right tackle each made their first starts — Locker was sacked seven times and completed just 13 of 30 passes for 140 yards. Johnson, with 11 carries for 28 yards, had his worst performance since early October.

"In the second half, the dam broke and the Packers started to make plays on offense and started to frustrate our defense," coach Mike Munchak said. "The fact that we weren’t doing well on offense put the defense out there a lot and put them with a short field a couple of times. Then all of a sudden you saw us miss some tackles, [quarterback Aaron] Rodgers was getting the ball out of his hands quickly and they took advantage of our frustration."

Britt’s 39-yard reception was the Titans’ longest offensive play and set up his touchdown on the next snap. Those were his only two receptions.

Green Bay running back Ryan Grant rushed for 80 yards and two touchdowns, and Rodgers completed 27 of 38 passes for 342 yards and touchdowns to three different receivers. He also scored the game’s first points with six-yard touchdown run that capped the Packers’ second possession.

Linebacker Erik Walden, a Middle Tennessee State product, had one of the Packers’ interceptions.

"It is important for us to go out and dominate opponents late in the year," Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy said. "We had momentum going for us. ... We wanted to take the next step as a football team and I felt that we were able to accomplish that."

The Titans conclude the regular season at home next Sunday against Jacksonville (noon, CBS).

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By: courier37027 on 12/23/12 at 4:19

This game was embarrassing. To his credit radio Play-By-Play Screamer checked himself and did not yell at top of lungs after only score. Morning Zone Mark is tearing the team a new one on post-game show. Start the second stringers next week. TITAN1, I would recommend the Titans sign you up for a game. This team is done. A Dowell Loggains cliche-laden interview won't save this sinking ship.

By: TITAN1 on 12/23/12 at 5:53

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Green Bay is a very good team and the Titans are a very bad team. Not sure if Munch will be back or not, but hopefully we will have a good draft and off-season.

By: sonny1024 on 12/24/12 at 4:30

We have to execute more and make better plays and cut down on misplays that should be tattooed own munchak because he says it week after week.Lets face the truth the team is just bad and seems to be getting worse. New head coach new quarterback and trade or release half the defense.

By: 4gold on 12/24/12 at 5:35

Most points Packers have scored since 1953. The year I was born! Wow, we made it into the record book. The only amazing thing about this team is that they won five games. HOW?

Bud better hire new scouts to identify talent. The current crew is a total bust. Can you name one guy that you could say had a good year?

Go Dores, Preds, Titans! Go Nashville a great place to live!

By: WayneJ on 12/24/12 at 6:12

Remembering the last time Green Bay won a game 55-7, 11/12/67 over the Browns at home. Cleveland kicked off twice and Travis Williams took them both to the house for the Packers. Amazingly enough, earlier this year we were watching Antiques Roadshow and this lineman-size gentleman shows up with a Cleveland Browns lineman's jersey and other stuff. Turns out he was Lou Groza, Jr., son of the Browns's legendary tackle/kicker. He's talking about this game, which I still remember watching as a 13-year old because GB simply destroyed what most considered to be the best team in the other division other than Dallas. Groza would mention that after one of the runs by Williams that Williams went over to Groza, Sr. and was apologizing for having to run over him. The times the AREN'T A-CHANGING. GO PACKERS LET'S WIN IT ALL AGAIN.

By: willtw on 12/24/12 at 9:23

Run Bud Adams out of town and the next game, RUN THE CHEERLEADERS IN!!!!

By: willtw on 12/24/12 at 9:24

The Talk of the Town......THE TITANS SUCK!

By: joe41 on 12/24/12 at 10:47

I have never seen such ineptitude at quarterback as yesterday. Missing wide open receivers right, left, and center. McCourty was a sieve at cornerback. Nothing that I saw yesterday gives me ANY hope for the future.


By: willtw on 12/24/12 at 12:22

It is much more enjoyable to see an SEC game than to watch the Titans! and the beer and snacks are cheaper!

By: courier37027 on 12/24/12 at 12:56

On the next local sports talk propaganda show: That late touchdown was a moral victory, playing for pride, never say quit, the highlight on which future franchise success will be built, blah blah...insert whatever cliche that will keep fans buying PSLs and tickets.

By: TITAN1 on 12/24/12 at 8:52

Merry Christmas, C! May someone give a personality and a positive attitude.

By: courier37027 on 12/24/12 at 9:55

T1, Merry Christmas to you. Shall we resume our banter in 2013?

By: TITAN1 on 12/24/12 at 10:31

I'm sure we will. I guess it gives us a break from the real problems of the world. Seriously though, Merry Christmas to you and yours.

By: courier37027 on 12/25/12 at 8:09

Likewise,T1. Merry Christmas and be safe this holiday season.

By: TITAN1 on 12/25/12 at 11:28

My New Years resolution, respect others' opinions because there is usually a decent person behind the post. Everyone, have a very merry Christmas!