Vanderbilt continues to work toward hiring football coach

Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 9:39pm
Staff reports

Vanderbilt still doesn’t have a football coach but it appears the university is getting closer to finalizing a deal with Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin.

According to several reports, Vanderbilt and Franklin are nearing the end of talks.

A message left on Thursday for Vice Chancellor of University Affairs and Athletics David Williams was not returned.

Vanderbilt athletics spokesperson Larry Leathers, however, said school administrators would not make an official statement Thursday night on the status of the search for its football coach.

Franklin, 38, would be the school’s first African-American head coach for a major sport. He would be Vanderbilt’s third football coach in less than six months. After eight seasons as head coach, Bobby Johnson resigned in July, just seven weeks before the season opener. Longtime assistant and offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell replaced Johnson. He went just 2-10 in his only season as a head coach and resigned the day of the final regular-season game on Nov. 27.

Franklin just finished his third season as offensive coordinator for Maryland, which went 8-4 this season and will play East Carolina in the Military Bowl. He also was Maryland’s receivers coach from 2000-04.

He then coached the wide receivers for the Green Bay Packers in 2005. From there he spent two seasons as Kansas State’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach before returning to Maryland.

In 2009 he was named the Terrapins’ head coach-in-waiting and is to replace Ralph Friedgen when he retires. Franklin is owed $1 million if not named head coach by January 2012.

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By: Titan9282 on 12/17/10 at 9:08

I have been a Vandy fan and season ticket holder since 1997. I have seen everything when it comes to this team. I thought I was going to be old and gray before I ever saw them go to a bowl, nevermind win a bowl game. And that happened. However, Bobby "coward" Johnson left the program back in July, 6 weeks before the season started. I was very disappointed in Johnson and thought that was the most classless thing to do to those kids. Then, they hire Caldwell, which i thought Fowler should have gotten a shot. Then, this miserable season happened. So, in my mind, I thought the only place Vandy could go was up. Now, flash forward to Monday, when I hear Gus Malzhone was very interested in the job. And I thought "All right Vandy, go for the home run". Little to my amazement, 8 hours later, ole Guz decides to take LESS money to stay at Auburn. That says a lot about our program. Now, we are going to settle for the man who took Maryland to the 85th ranked offense in the COUNTRY. Granted, they are 8-4 , but they have not played anyone. So, here is my point: VICE CHANCELLOR WILLIAMS IS A JOKE. What the hell is going on at Vandy? You have Tommy Tubberville express interest and you blow him off. Really????? Vandy fans, I am done contributing to this garbage. The fans deserve better and these kids deserve better. We now know why this program excels in every other sport besides football, and no, it is not academics. It is because the school is not investing in this program. The facilities are a joke, the weightroom is horrendous, and the lack of an Athletics Deaprtment hinders the development of this program. I am not renrewing my tickets this year because if they do not want to advance this program, why should I spend my hard earned money??? It is a joke and I am fed up with it. I hope Williams gets fired and bring in someone who knows what the hell they are doing.

By: left on 12/17/10 at 9:30

Vandy , go ahead and become policitally correct and lose as usual, and lose alot of your support too! Maybe you should join forces with Belmont and go totally Gay!