Vanderbilt sets Southeastern Conference record for most MLB draft picks

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 7:27pm
Staff reports

With the Arizona Diamondbacks’ selection of outfielder Joe Loftus in the 46th round of the 2011 Major League Baseball Draft on Wednesday, Vanderbilt set a Southeastern Conference record for the most players taken in a single year.

Loftus was the 12th Commodore to be selected in the three-day draft, which concluded after 50 rounds and 1,530 players had been picked.

The previous record was 11, which Auburn (2010), Ole Miss (2009) and Georgia (2009) all shared.

Vanderbilt started the draft with a bang on Monday as pitchers Sonny Gray and Grayson Garvin went in the first round.

Vanderbilt’s previous high for draft selections in one year was eight, which had happened three times (2005, 2007 and 2008).

The rundown of local players taken in the 2011 draft:

•18th overall – Oakland Athletics: Sonny Gray, pitcher, Vanderbilt.
• 59th overall – Tampa Bay: Grayson Garvin, pitcher, Vanderbilt.

• 64th overall – Baltimore Orioles: Jason Esposito, third base, Vanderbilt.

• 99th overall – Houston Astros: Jack Armstrong, pitcher, Vanderbilt.
• 106th overall – Detroit Tigers: Aaron Westlake, first base, Vanderbilt.
• 117th overall – Minnesota Twins: Corey Williams, pitcher, Vanderbilt.

• 187th overall – Washington Nationals: Taylor Hill, pitcher, Vanderbilt.
• 206th overall – Atlanta Braves: Mark Lamm, pitcher, Vanderbilt.

10th ROUND
• 317th overall – Detroit Tigers: Curt Casali, catcher, Vanderbilt.

11th ROUND
• 334th overall – Arizona Diamondbacks: Will Locante, pitcher, Cumberland.

14th ROUND

• 446th overall – Atlanta Braves: Navery Moore, pitcher, Vanderbilt.

15th ROUND
• 464th overall – Los Angeles Dodgers: Craig Stem, pitcher, Trevecca Nazarene.

21st ROUND
• 657th overall – San Francisco Giants: Andrew Triggs, pitcher, Southern California (Montgomery Bell Academy).

25th ROUND
• 776th overall – Atlanta Braves: Will Skinner, outfield, Middle Tennessee State.

30th ROUND
• 928th overall – Chicago Cubs: Will Clinard, pitcher, Vanderbilt.

40th ROUND
• 1,209th overall – Chicago Cubs: P.J. Francescon, pitcher, Trevecca Nazarene.

45th ROUND
• 1,371st overall – Chicago White Sox: Cory Farris, pitcher, Cumberland.

46th ROUND
• 1,384th overall – Arizona Diamondbacks: Joe Loftus, outfielder, Vanderbilt.