Young loses his cool and his job; Titans lose to Redskins in OT

Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 6:40pm

When it came right down to it, Sunday’s game between the Tennessee Titans and Washington Redskins was a show of hands.

Some of the most prominent members of the Titans – players and coaches – provided unwitting commentary at critical junctures with their easy-to-understand gestures. Most notable were Jeff Fisher’s attempt to quiet the crowd as it chanted ‘Randy! Randy!’ and quarterback Vince Young’s mocking exhortation for more the first time he heard boos from the sellout crowd at LP Field.

When it was over and the Titans had barely started to come to grips with their third straight defeat – this one 19-16 in overtime – Fisher washed his hands of Young, who asked out of the action in the third quarter with an obvious injury – to his hand, no less – but then threw a just-as-obvious sideline tantrum a short time later when he was not reinserted.

“Right now he has (lost his starting position),” Fisher said. “There are some things that need to change, but … what went on there is between us.

“… (Young) tore a flexor tendon in his thumb. … He never came to me and said he was OK and wanted to go back in, and I was told that he obviously was a little upset after. I was also told that he threw half his uniform in the stands. I clearly think that is no way to respond, and so we have some things that we have to sort out with him.”

Fisher added that Young might require season-ending surgery for the thumb, which would make the question of starting irrelevant.

Questions about the quarterback’s maturity began anew, however, when Young walked out of the locker room minutes after Graham Gano’s 48-yard field goal ended the contest with 8:17 to play in the extra period. He headed straight to his car and did not speak to reporters. It was unclear at that point if he even knew Fisher’s stance given that the head coach did not face the cameras and microphones until roughly 10 minutes later.

The sometimes petulant 27-year-old was dressed in his Sunday best after what was – statistically speaking – a pretty natty performance.

The fact that he had a 107.6 passer rating (12-for-16, 165 yards passing) was completely undermined by his actions and his reactions to his injury, among other things.

Before he exited the playing surface, for example, Young stripped out of his helmet and shoulder pads and tossed the latter into the crowd. It was after he threw incomplete to Nate Washington on third-and-1 in the final minute of the first half that the boos started, and Young extended his arms and wiggled his fingers in a clear "bring it on" motion.

“We work very hard for the fans, and to hear that … ,” Washington said. “They have a right to, I guess you could say. They paid their money to come watch us play, but at the same time, boos aren’t going to help us pick our heads up.”

The fans’ frustration first manifested itself on the preceding series when, on first-and-goal from the 13, the "Randy!" chant was raised by a significant enough number that Fisher waived them down in an attempt to create quiet in which his team could work.

At that time, with just over four minutes to play in the first half, Young had not thrown one pass in the direction of recently acquired wide receiver Randy Moss. That finally changed three plays later, on third-and-goal from the 7, but Young’s delivery was too high and Tennessee settled for the first of Rob Bironas’ three field goals.

Perhaps it was coincidence – perhaps not – but when rookie Rusty Smith replaced the injured Young, his first two throws went Moss’ way. The second would have been a 36-yard touchdown completion except that the future Hall of Fame receiver was flagged for offensive pass interference.

Smith, the sixth-round draft pick out of Florida Atlantic, did connect with Washington for 52 yards down the middle of the field on his next throw, which came on the next possession. That promoted Titans’ seventh-round pick, Marc Mariani, to strike a sideline pose with his hands extended toward the sky in a moment of true celebration.

“That’s a tough play to throw, and he made it look easy,” Mariani, who scored the game’s first points with an 87-yard punt return, said. “I’m sure he had a couple jitters and that cleared it up a little for him after he made that throw.”

Smith finished just 3-for-9 for 62 yards, though, and missed on his only two overtime attempts after the Titans won the coin toss and had the first chance to end the game.

The Redskins and their soon-to-be 34-year-old quarterback, Donovan McNabb, never gave Smith and the Titans another chance.

Gano’s game-winning kick was the culmination of a 10-play, 57-yard drive that was aided by a pair of personal foul penalties and a video review, which reversed an apparent interception by Alterraun Verner.

As it split the uprights in the north end zone the officials repeated the most commonly used signal of a contest in which the final seven scores were field goals. They put their hands straight up, indicated the kick was good and brought to an end what might be Young’s final start for some time.

“I don’t know what happened, but I’m behind V,” linebacker Stephen Tulloch said. “We came in together. I respect the way he plays. I love the guy, the person. He has that ‘C’ on his chest for a reason – because he’s a captain of this team and we voted (for) him. I’ll ride with him any day.

“… Hopefully I’ll see him back out there.”

Of course, that decision is out of his hands.

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By: jwk6179 on 11/21/10 at 5:46

For those in attendence for today's game, you witnessed history: VINCE YOUNG'S LAST GAME AS A TITAN!!!

By: jwk6179 on 11/21/10 at 5:47

Maybe even his last GAME IN THE NFL!!!

By: travislee0670 on 11/21/10 at 6:08

This is just stupid. Jeff Fisher wants to make all the calls and handle all the decisions and look how things turn out. The team shows no discipline. I saw Moss and Babin make some dumb, immature moves too. Perhaps Fisher's worst decision is Chuck Cecil. Horrrible defensive coordinater. When are they big guys going to take the teram back and get rid of the dumb power hungry Jeff Fisher?

By: travislee0670 on 11/21/10 at 6:12

Oh and I doubt thats the last youll see of Vince Young jwk. Someone needs to get rid of you. Leran more before you ope your mouth. Theres a saying. Better to be quiet and appear dumb then open your mouth AND REMOVE ALL DOUBT.

By: jwk6179 on 11/21/10 at 6:20

Vince Young becomes a FREE AGENT at the end of the season and based on what happened today, I don't foresee him agreeing to come back to play for the Titans as long as Jeff Fisher is still the coach. And if his injury requires surgery as Jeff Fisher suggest, he won't play again this season.

By: Chris72 on 11/21/10 at 6:25

Go Steelers!!!

By: jwk6179 on 11/21/10 at 6:26

And WHAT MAKES YOU SUCH AN EXPERT, travislee? As long as Vince Young is the QB of this franchise, they will be no better than a MEDIOCRE, 8-8 TEAM, no matter who the HEAD COACH IS!!!

By: TITAN1 on 11/21/10 at 6:50

I was surprised when VY ran straight to the sidelines after he fumbled the loaf of bread, I mean football on the second offensive play of the game before he even knew who recovered. Then near the end of the first half after not getting the first down some fans were booing and he raised his hands saying bring it on. I have never booed my team and never will, but some fans are going to and he has to be a man and ignore it. Then I hear that at the end of the game he throws his shoulder pads into the stands. I have worn his jersey proudly but, it is now obvious even to me that he has not matured and should be benched indefinitely. I think it is going to be very hard to make the playoffs, but I hope Rusty is the starter the rest of the year and succeeds.

By: richgoose on 11/21/10 at 7:01

Vince Young is doing the very best he knows how. I somehow do not think that his very best is good enough.

By: courier37027 on 11/21/10 at 7:14

I can't wait to hear squealing brakes, transmission thrown into reverse and all the backpedaling on Plaz's show tomorrow. Since Plaz, his echo Daunic, and Bubba Skynyrd soundalike John McClain have both worshipped and crucified Vince Young, they have disqualified themselves of any consistency and conviction.

TITAN1, do you speak for yourself or for all your imaginary tailgating friends who, along with you, blindly supported Vince Young and Adam Jones all these years? The last three years told us how much your fellow tailgaters were in lock step with your opinions. Did you take a vote before posting your opinion here?

By: TITAN1 on 11/21/10 at 7:37

courier, you are as dumb as ever. You never post anything worth reading.

By: govskeptic on 11/21/10 at 7:44

Well the sad Titan's loss was followed on TV by the
second Super Bowl for 2010. The game between
New England and the Colts was awsome!!!!
Two teams that are truly playing on a higher level
than so many others.

By: jwk6179 on 11/21/10 at 7:57

Oh and I doubt thats the last youll see of Vince Young jwk. Someone needs to get rid of you. Leran more before you ope your mouth. Theres a saying. Better to be quiet and appear dumb then open your mouth AND REMOVE ALL DOUBT.

travislee, judging by your post, YOU NEED TO TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE and not post here, either. Learn is spelled L-E-A-R-N, not L-E-R-A-N, open is spelled O-P-E-N, not O-P-E. And learn to use the correct puncutation, such as commas, and apostrapheses ' before you tell someone how stupid they are.

By: courier37027 on 11/21/10 at 7:59

govskeptic, agreed. What an exciting game with two teams that, unlike the Titans, kept stupid penalties and trash talk somewhere between a minimum and non-existent. Both Indianapolis and New England were very businesslike on the field. While Colts and Patriots aim for playoff home field advantage, Titans and their fans are left talking about locker room drama, defending an overrated coach and how an overly penalized and porous defensive secondary are scrappy.

By: TITAN1 on 11/21/10 at 8:12

courier, you can always move to Indy or New England and take your paranoid friend with you. "Imaginary tailgate friends"? You don't post often, and that is a good thing, Do you get drunk and then post? Imaginary tailgate friends, LOL!

By: TITAN1 on 11/21/10 at 8:18

Oh courier, I forgot that I have to explain everything to you, your paranoid friend would be govskeptic. I just didn't want you to be confused.

By: richgoose on 11/21/10 at 9:05

courier37027...........TITAN1 is one of the most loyal fans you will ever see. He is just not a big picture fellow. He calls you dumb because he is too naive to understand that your opinion is probably based on logic. He meanwhile bravely posts his loyalty with great emotion. He attacks anything that does not meet with his expectations. I think he has some kind of government job where he can refer to a manual for all his answers. Thinking things through is a little bit elusive for him.

You cannot help seeing that he is a very honorable person and truly would like to see every subject end with the phrase," They lived happily everafter."

By: courier37027 on 11/21/10 at 10:46

TITAN1 is protective of man-child millionaires. He advocated hand holding for Vince Young during his alleged suicide watch and Jacksonville refusal to play. Then same coddling and treatment for Adam Jones when he was getting in strip club trouble, commissioner's meeting, bowling alley altercations and late night traffic problems. Too bad Vince Young did not take a clue from the Afghanistan soldier reunited today with his family at LP Field. Soldier's wife and daughter are exponentially tougher than Young, Johnson, Tullock or these other poser warriors. Football players classified as warriors is a laugh. Football players are well paid entertainers, many spoiled...bit not warriors.

By: dargent7 on 11/22/10 at 4:57

Boys and Girls: VY is a immature punk. He's 27. No excuse for throwing your shoulder pads into the stands! Storms off the field every season. Refuses to come back in if he hears a "boo".
Name another QB who throws tantrums like him? Any era.
My God, weeks ago they carted Favre off the field curled up and on oxygen and he came back to the sideline to cheer on his backup QB and team.
VY is a prima donna. No other team will pick him up except for pennies on the dollar.
Bud Adams stood behind him all these years, but he LOSES. PERIOD.

By: govskeptic on 11/22/10 at 5:28

D7 you are exactly right!! Age 27 is enough yrs to get over this
spoiled, apparently glorified and pampered fellow for too long.
I'm also not so sure VY has physical ability to play through some
of the bone jarring hits that many other top QB's play through to
stay on the field. The comfort blanket in Houston has probably
been taken away as well!

By: TITAN1 on 11/22/10 at 5:32

frank/richgoose, you just described yourself.

courier, the only time you post is to cut down another poster. When was the last time you posted on here after a Titans victory and gave them props? "Imaginary tailgating friends". Why are you so jealous of Titan fans following our team? Not that it is any of your business, but we had another great tailgate yesterday, between 40 -50 of us. Why does that bother you?

By: MetalMan on 11/22/10 at 6:03

When the Titans get rid of distractions like Young (much the same as Adam Jones) they will start winning and have playoff chances. But not until then.

By: dargent7 on 11/22/10 at 7:20

ps: All fans enjoy a player's passion. But, can anyone imagine throwing a tantrum with Vince Lombardi or Tom Landry, Don Shula, or John Madden as head coach?
Good luck.

By: bfra on 11/22/10 at 8:48

Titan1 needs to stick with tailgating, his expertise about pro football players is -0! As proven with his praise and excuses for & about spitman & now VY.

By: TITAN1 on 11/22/10 at 9:00

LO! I knew the joy suckers would be out in full force! GO TITANS!

By: NewYorker1 on 11/22/10 at 9:12

I think VY did the right thing. Wasn't his signing bonus something around ten million? His body isn't beaten down and he has plenty of money. So, I think he did the right thing by taking the money and running while he's still young and is body is in good shape. Vince, baby, invest your money wisely and enjoy your life Boo. Good job at using the system and then getting out at a good time.

By: NewYorker1 on 11/22/10 at 9:20

People this is just a game. It's not like the man is performing brain surgery. If people would focus as much time helping their kids with their homework and spending quality time with their families as they do watching this stupid sport, then maybe this country wouldn't be in the tailspin it's currently in.

By: jwk6179 on 11/22/10 at 10:22

If Bud Adams still wants Vince Young to be his Quaterback after his latest debacle, Bud Adams is EVEN MORE SENILE than I thought he was!!!

By: TITAN1 on 11/22/10 at 10:29

I would hope he doesn't after yesterday.

By: brrrrk on 11/22/10 at 10:31

Two points from someone who really doesn't give a damn about the NFL (I'm more of an NCAA fan).

1) VY egged on the crowd when they were booing. No class in my book. And for all you out there that want to hang VY's failures on Fisher, well that egging was ALL VY. Fisher had nothing to do with it

2) The man just makes bad decisions.... period. Sure, all players need time to get their feces consolidated when going from college to pro, but how much time is enough time? From my perspective there's no coincidence that VY did so poorly on the Wonderlic. There was a time when being a QB was more physical and skilled based, but those days are long gone.

By: slim53 on 11/22/10 at 11:50

Vince Young doesn't not have the maturity to be a starting QB in the NFL. He acts like a thirteen year old child. He does not prepare for games mentally like other quarterbacks. He won't put in the time to study film. He won't show up for his treatments for his injuries. It's unfortunate because the Titans have a lot of time and money invested in him and they (Titans & Fisher) have been good to him. Fisher even goes looking for him when everybody is worried if Vince is going to commit suicide. This a serious business and we need serious people when you are paying them this kind of money. Young is ungreatful for the awesome opportunity he has been given. Sorry but he needs to go because he acts like a child in difficult moments. Also if Tullock feels that strong about he can leave with him. He's not that great either. He gets beat all the time in pass coverage. If they don't get rid of Vince I would just move on if I were Fisher. He would have a job before sundown...

By: jwk6179 on 11/22/10 at 12:59

There is already disention in the Titans lockerroom with several players siding with Vince Young, especially all his old Texas team mates (Michael Griffin, Bo Scafie, Armad Hall) sticking up for Vince Young. Several witnesses stated that Michael Griffin went after Vince Young left the locker room to try to talk to him, yet NOW HE IS DENYING THAT HE WENT AFTER YOUNG TO TRY TO TALK TO HIM. Maybe the Titans should CUT his old Texas team mates as well.

By: AT on 11/22/10 at 2:31

The Predators make the playoffs five out of the last six seasons, hockey tickets are 1/4 the price of football seats and hockey players stay out of trouble. It's time some of you football fans started filling the seats at the arena. The product value is unbeatable!

By: TITAN1 on 11/22/10 at 2:51

I follow the Preds and pull for them, but I prefer the NFL and the game day experience. Go Titans! Go Preds!

By: NewYorker1 on 11/22/10 at 3:48

I think racism had everything to do with the crowds reaction to VY. He's in TN so what else could it be?

By: bfra on 11/22/10 at 4:40

NY - Racism? Doubt if that many NAACPers or ACLUers were at the game. THAT is where racism comes in!

By: GET REAL on 11/22/10 at 11:45

Get Real: This is what I love about America we don't mind piling on when we can , not to mention our short term memories....It was not that long ago when we wanted to run Fisher out of town for giving away Super Bowl rings to the Baltimore Ravens , simply put he got out coached , but I guess everyone's forgot about that little bit of history . Now we want to pretend like he's th best coach in the league to that I say "GET REAL" .
Say what you want He's mis-handled this QB issue from the very beginning..
I hope they trade "VY" and he finally goes to a city that will appreciate him and
I hope he comes back to TN and has an " ALL PRO" day on "Fisher".
This city will turn on "Fisher" again when they have no one else they can pretend is causing the "Titans" to lose ....I look fwd. to that day.

By: richgoose on 11/23/10 at 3:17

As long as Vince Young gets out of Nashville I could care less what happens to his career good or bad.

By: firstmagnitude on 11/24/10 at 9:31

I still haven't figured out why 60 Minutes did a story on him a couple of years ago. I haven't seen anything consistent with Vince Young!