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Weekend television features fights, football and family awards

As the summer winds down, even the cable networks seem to be cutting back on their output of quality material. This is another of those weekends when some sort of outdoor activity or alternate indoors diversion might be in order. More

Saturday kisses and happily ever after

Couple wheels down the aisle to say More

Looking for a queen

FOUR-LEGGED FINDS, From the first moment I laid eyes on Queenie, an orange domestic longhair cat, I had a feeling she was convinced she owned the joint. More

City Picks

Here are just a few of the headlines in today's City Picks: Keen dances the night away, Jazz smoothes the scene at 123, Kroger gives lunch box lessons and Hitting a solf Liner at the Basement.

City Confidential

George Blue, School Board road hog. More


YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD GARDENER - We all have a love/hate relationship with our lawn mower. When the lawn is mowed, we take pride in the straight lines; the clean and crisp look of the turf, and the satisfaction that this dreaded work is over for another week. More

The show must go on

THEATER - As Nashville continues its growth both in population and congestion, so does the city

The Zen of home repair

OFF THE WALL - Yesterday, while Rosie was soaking in the bathtub, one of her hand-painted imported ceramic wall tiles fell on her head. We had to rush Rosie to the Doc-in-the-Box, but thankfully, the tile survived without a scratch. More

The Bard is back for his 14th summer season

Shakespeare in the Park returns to Centennial park More

Push 2001

An exhibit titled Push 2001, featuring individual artist fellowship winners Tis Mal Crow and Adrienne Outlaw, is featured at the Tennessee Arts Commission Gallery through Aug. 17. More

Spicing it up salt-free

Delicious low-sodium recipes for the heart healthy More

New releases highlight piano

The advent of bebop radically changed the approach of jazz musicians to many instruments, particularly the piano. The contemporary pianist must make intricate, subtle chord changes and musical adjustments on the fly, either during accompaniment or while playing solos. It is impossible to designate any one pianist as the greatest of the modern era, but Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk and Bill Evans certainly rank among the top half-dozen. More

Living out the Isuzu Axiom fantasy

One look at this so-called Axiom and any fool can plainly see it doesn't look like a real SUV. It looks more like something Han Solo would drive. Even the roof line has a swoopy curve. And the grill looks as if it was inspired by those Argentinean copper-mining earth movers. This is obviously a computer-generated virtual SUV. More

City Picks

Here are the headlines in today's City Picks: Carter Wood tunes in at Radio Cafe', Heflin makes summer seafood salads, Pianist/tree farmer signs book at Davis-Kidd and Mixing it up with the Ohio Players. More

Doobie Brothers to smoke Ryman

People will have to brush away the memories, swirling around their heads like smoke rings from the amplifiers, when the Doobie Brothers play the Ryman Auditorium Thursday night. More

Resting at the Laurels

Two little-known family destinations within a few hours of home More

New Richard Wright bio major achievement

"Rowley depicts Wright as an extremely complex, troubled and introspective person who hated racism, but fought against being regarded as a protest novelist. He never sacrificed his art for propaganda, and criticized those he felt were putting the message ahead of their craft." More

City Confidential

Craig Owensby, Mouth for the media More

City Picks

Here are the headlines in today's City Picks: Fight crime, have fun, Davis-Kidd supports YMCA, See 'Live from the Bluebird' and Steve Gartner releases CD. More