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City Picks

Here are the headlines in today's City Picks: Fight crime, have fun, Davis-Kidd supports YMCA, See 'Live from the Bluebird' and Steve Gartner releases CD. More

City Confidential

Craig Owensby, Mouth for the media More

New Richard Wright bio major achievement

"Rowley depicts Wright as an extremely complex, troubled and introspective person who hated racism, but fought against being regarded as a protest novelist. He never sacrificed his art for propaganda, and criticized those he felt were putting the message ahead of their craft." More

Resting at the Laurels

Two little-known family destinations within a few hours of home More

Finding fashion in wee wardrobes

I've always loved drawing old-fashioned children's clothing. You can really pile on the detail -- just the way people used to do when they sewed clothes by hand for their little ones. More

Chef's choice

Simple food tastes best. Head chef and co-owner of 6

Weekly Reminder

August 6 - 10 More

Preacher's got the power to empower

Mt. Zion preacher tells it like it is. Just ten years ago, Mt. Zion Baptist Church in North Nashville, was having trouble filling its pews on Sunday mornings. Then along came a spiritual Pied Piper. More

'Fear Factor' ends its first run

This week begins with the final installment of what has become the most critically lampooned television show in recent memory. The only people who like Fear Factor are the same folks who enjoy Survivor, Temptation Island, and Big Brother; large chunks of the audience. More

Director Steven Spielberg

To dream the impossible dream

TRANSFORMATIONS - is a daily part of my job here at The City Paper. I still continue to pursue higher musical achievements, but the fact that I never let go of the ultimate dream makes the daily routine seem that much more satisfying. That same approach I took to my musical dreams is something I

City Picks

Here are the headlines in today's City Picks: Kroger sponsors dietician Q & A, Cameron Michaels signs 'Arena' and 12 @ 12 highlights pop songwriters. More



Cheers for

The Anniversary Party has been out for a while but the buzz about it is growing. Because it

City Picks

Here are just a few of the headlines in today's City Picks: First Presbyterian cranks out the ice cream, Art from the inside out at Cheekwood, Steve Earle signs 'Doghouse Roses' and Blink 182 plays AmSouth. More

Football and music head weekend TV list

There are music specials, sports and vintage films available for the discerning viewer this weekend. More

Eat your words at Second Story Cafe'

There More

Skip Ewing: Just one of the kids

Skip Ewing knows that one way or another; he More

Mary Chapin Carpenter invites Nashville for some 'Time*Sex*Love'

Those who wear their hearts on their sleeves will be in good company Saturday night when the singing poet, Mary Chapin Carpenter, takes the stage at the AmSouth Amphitheatre. More

City Confidential

Susan West-Richardson, Jill-of-all-trades. Historic Nashville is on a mission to preserve Nashville More