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McNair considering time off

Steve McNair's ability to play through pain over the years has been the stuff of legend. More

Titans' four-fold missions

1. Figure it out. 2. Clean up the mistakes. 3. more ... More

Fantasy craze hasn't hit Titans locker room

Listen closely, because far beneath the Monday morning din of water cooler chatter from an estimated 10 million fantasy football competitors nationwide, there is a lone wolf howling in the distance. The chirping of an intrusion of crickets. A tumbleweed rolling by. More

Parcells down on Cowboys

Suddenly, Bill Parcells doesn't look like such a great coach anymore. More

Titans/Vikings Missions

Titans mission 1. Fix the leaks. The Titans offense had its one shining moment when it ventured into the NFC North two weeks ago. Tennessee will need to find that type of powerful offense and execute it correctly, if it hopes to hang with the high-powered Vikings. More

No place like home? Not in the NFL

Autumn is not the season associated with mass depression, but try telling that to the vast majority of 68,392 denizens of the Coliseum Sunday. Or the 62,938 visitors to Detroit

Broncos find new horse

It seems like the Broncos knew what they were doing when they traded running back Clinton Portis to the Redskins for cornerback Champ Bailey. More

Week 7 NFL Preview & Picks

Titans offense drops the ball

If the Tennessee Titans want to see how a high-octane offense is supposed to work this week, all they have to do is look across the field Sunday at the Minnesota Vikings. More

Offense drives Viking success

With proper apologies to the Indianapolis Colts, the Minnesota Vikings might be the perfect team to play in a dome. More

Brown lacks finishing touch

Chris Brown appears to be OK after injuring his right shoulder in the third quarter of Sunday


Maybe the Tennessee Titans just needed the national stage of Monday Night Football.

Switch to end pays off for Carter, Titans

In part because of injuries and in part because of ineffectiveness, the Tennessee Titans unveiled a different look personnel-wise against the Green Bay Packers Monday night.

Titans finally find offense

So this is the Tennessee Titans offense that was supposed to be strike fear into the hearts of defensive coordinators everywhere.

Titans-Texans Missions

Make More


In old school 3rd Bass parlance, Kevin Carter was giving me the Gas Face, casting serious doubts on my endeavor. More

Pats: Record

The New England Patriots hadn

Carr driving Texans to new heights

The Houston Texans aren


San Francisco 49ers linebacker Julian Peterson says he has no regrets about not accepting a 49ers contract offer in the offseason that would have awarded him with a signing bonus of $15.5 million. More

Knee won

If there was any good news coming out of the Tennessee Titans