Owen: Good for business

Middle Tennessee is friendly — especially for business  More

Owen: Railing against rail

With high-speed mass transit, the government is creating a supply for which there is not comparable demand More

Pork Report reveals $260M in government waste

Annual publication shows 100 examples of wasted tax dollars More

Post Politics: Leaving a movement hanging

Kleinheider is puzzled why taxpayer activist Ben Cunningham is refusing to lead the tea party movement to a congressional seat of its own More

Rex: Non-partisan, my derriere

TCPR needs to make a decision; Reese Witherspoon makes Nashvillians look like bumpkins and the son of a downtown power lawyer is getting hitched More

Annual ‘pork’ report could expose more than $500 million in wasteful spending

TCPR report reveals wasteful spending by state and local bureaucrats and elected officials. More
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