Supermarket wine supporters tout new study

Study says if alcohol consumption remains same, higher share of wine use would result in fewer traffic deaths   More

Beth Harwell: 'The City Paper' interview

Speaker Harwell discusses the pressing issues of this session as well as her way of running the House More

How wine-in-grocery-stores bill died in the House

While the measure is dead, it’s unclear whether fans of bill will try to resurrect it or wait until next year More

Wine-in-groceries bill killed in House committee, could resurface

Before House speaker could cast deciding vote decision fell 8-7 in House Local Government Committee More

Up for Debate: Wine bill advances

'The City Paper' asks readers to weigh in on an issue of the day More

Senate committee passes bill on wine in grocery stores

Committee hears two hours of testimony Monday from grocery retailers, liquor store owners and others More

Weekly Obsession: Anti-wine arguments veer into the absurd

Tennessee trusts adults with military-grade firearms but not with convenient booze purchase More

Legislative preview: Is it time to uncork restrictions on selling wine in grocery stores?

In 2011 MTSU poll, some 65% of Tennesseans favored wine in grocery stores, as did 69% questioned by Vanderbilt   More

Q&A: Jarron Springer

President of Tennessee Grocer & Convenience Store Association breaks down Ky. court decision on wine in grocery stores   More

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Wine should share shelves with Freetos, frozen foods and Frosted Flakes More
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