Weekly Obsession: ‘Ag Gag’ bill takes the state back to Orwell’s 1984

Law requires evidence of livestock abuse be turned over within 48 hours, but documenting is often lengthy process More

SLIDESHOW: Downtown PETA display

PETA grabs attention with two giant condoms standing at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Broadway More

Deer in the headlights

Is there any way to stop suburban deer from crashing into cars? More

PETA protest catches Metro school officials off guard

Animal rights group plans to stage bandaged elephant outside north Nashville school More

PETA seeks audit after VU researcher accused of falsifying data

A federal oversight agency claims it caught a Vanderbilt researcher falsifying findings on a cancer treatment, according to a September report More

PETA accuses Vanderbilt of animal cruelty

The animal rights group' files formal complaints with the USDA regarding VU’s lab practices. More

State roundup: KFC and PETA square off on River City streets

Also: Economic report sees green shoots in Tennessee, Peabody wins court case over name, FedEx sues biggest rival, and more... More
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