Mayor’s bus rapid transit plan veers away from Lower Broadway

After business owners raised concerns about heavy pedestrian traffic, new routes would avoid honky-tonk district More

Metro no longer eyeing September deadline for bus rapid transit funds

MTA announced it would seek entry into Federal Transit Administration’s Small Starts program More

As mayor pushes BRT for Metro, a look at Cleveland and Eugene may shed light on system

Cleveland proves bus rapid transit can work, while Eugene’s EmX system exceeds both ridership and expectations More

BRT plans hurt when Metro Council defers Midtown zoning

Securing federal dollars could be jeopardized More

Pitch begins for Nashville's 'subway on wheels' while funding question remains unanswered

City still must land federal grant for BRT from the Federal Transit Administration to cover as much as $75M More

Metro schedules community forums on proposed east-west connector BRT

Currently in design phase, project will rely on federal grant dollars and local funding source More

A streetcar deemed undesirable, bus rapid transit takes lead in east-west connector plan

Nashville shifts gears from rail and streetcars to a bus rapid transit system connecting White Bridge to Five Points More

Transit board approves 10-cent bus fare hike

Regional Transportation Authority on Wednesday also approved 50-cent increase in regional express bus fare More

Dean, consultants favor bus rapid transit — not streetcar — for east-west connector

BRT would cost about $136M to install, half as much as a streetcar system More

Letter to the Editor

Nashville can point to Portland as light rail model More
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