Case of woman in custody during childbirth moves forward

Suit seeks to change immigration enforcement nationwide More

Revision does little to quiet 287(g) debate

Armed with old arguments and new data, Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall set out last week to sell Nashville again on the controversial 287(g) program. More

Broad Logic: A champion for the unfortunate

Tim Chavez’s Nashville career wasn’t the case study in ideological evolution that it may have seemed. More

Woman who gave birth in sheriff’s custody challenges 287(g)

Controversial arrest led to change in departmental policy More

Woman who gave birth in sheriff’s custody faces deportation

The woman who gave birth while in the custody of the Davidson County sheriff’s office is facing deportation next month and is suing the Department of Homeland Security for copies of her immigration records so she can fight the case. More

Woman who gave birth in sheriff's custody innocent on one charge

The woman who was arrested while nine months pregnant and later gave birth while in sheriff’s office custody was found innocent Friday on one of the charges for which she was initially arrested. More

Prominent arrests shine spotlight on 287(g) program

One was a woman on the brink of giving birth to her fourth American child. The other was an ex-convict with over 20 arrests for various burglaries, gun possession and drug-related charges. More
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