U.S. appeals court remands Villegas decision, finds no bias by judge

6th Circuit denies Metro’s request to reassign judge finding no evidence of favoritism or antagonism More

Election Commission votes to delay rollout of electronic poll books

After concerns raised during primary voting, electronic poll books won't be used in November general election More

Sheriff's Office to end participation in 287(g), shift to Secure Communities

Controversial 287(g) program's memo of agreement with Immigration and Customs Enforcements expires Oct. 8   More

Charter amendment would clarify sheriff's disputed 287(g) authority

TN Supreme Court is weighing whether or not sheriff has legal power to enforce federal immigrant detention program   More

Awaiting 287(g) decision, Metro seeks to clarify sheriff's other powers

Legal director Saul Solomon plans to file legislation for charter amendment to spell out 3 authorities of sheriff’s office More

Final tally: 'City Paper' looks at budget highlights, council votes

Council overwhelmingly passes budget with property tax, only nibbling at cuts here and there More

Councilman proposes $8.6M budget reductions — to service city's debt

Sean McGuire's budget would pull nearly $1M in subsidies from farmers' market, fairgrounds and Municipal Auditorium More

Up for Debate: SCOTUS, the sheriff and strip searches

'The City Paper’ asks its readers to weigh in on an issue of the day More

Trademark case of 287(g) program plods along in legal system

A federal jury found law enforcement officials violated Juana Villegas’ due process rights, and Metro is appealing More

Jury awards $200K in Villegas trial; plaintiff had sought $1.2M

Sheriff's office, Metro will appeal More
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