Sheriff, key elected city officials support Dean re-election effort

Hall, thought to be a possible foe, among Metro's heavy-hitters backing mayor More

Mendenhall back in court Tuesday

Defense wants new trial for accused 'truck stop killer'   More

Judge considers whether to grant Mendenhall a new trial

Possible mishandling of Mendenhall's arrest may lead to new trial for man convicted in murder conspiracy More

Prosecution paints Mendenhall’s desperation in murder-for-hire trial

Defense will likely try to chip away at informants’ credibility More

Trial to begin today for suspected serial killer

Illinois trucker facing murder for hire charges More

Jury will hear select jailhouse talks in murder for hire trial

Judge says wire-taps didn’t violate suspected serial killer’s constitutional rights More

Prosecutors say jailhouse letters show suspected serial killer's desperation

State alleges Bruce Mendenhall attempted to have witnesses and detectives killed More

Alleged serial killer tries to quash evidence in murder-for-hire trial

Prosecution claims hundreds of letters and phone calls show his growing desperation More

Community leaders gather for special day

Saturday event combines musical performances with spoken word segments and inspirational speeches More
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