House Rules: How long will your house parts last?

Customers, homeowners and real estate agents scratch their heads and look at the roof, furnace, air conditioner, kitchen appliances and such and then ask me, “How long will these things last?” More

House Rules: Designers of attached garages know where they can park it

Jowers argues on behalf of all the neglected garages that were once as crucial as the house itself. More

House Rules: Father's Day — no complaints after all these years

Despite his dad's penchant for excessive drinking and illegal side business of moonshine, Jowers writes that his father, Jabo, was a good man who did the best he could for his family. More

House Rules: Results of the 2009 Wacky Warning Label Contest

Past winners include a "this product moves" label on a scooter and "do not use if you have an enlarged prostate" warning on a box of Midol; read on for the wacky ones that took top honors this year More

House Rules: Worrisome wiring

Jowers, who became fussy about wiring early on as a band techie, writes about the wiring scenarious that worry him the most. More

Letters to the Editor

A fan of Walter Jowers and writing style writes that she was happy to dicover his column, "House Rules," has become a regular piece in The City Paper's weekend edition. More

House Rules: It’s clear — keep your old windows

Jowers says to buck the current gimmicky trend of replacing perfectly fine older windows with triple-pane gas-filled windows because he says this is Nashville, not Nome. More

House Rules: Word of mouth ain’t all it’s cracked up to be

When it comes to builders — at least the ones who put up a whole neighborhood full of houses in one lick — they’re all about the same, and they do more harm than good. More

House Rules: Men interested in hammer-swinging women

Last week, a gentle female reader asked me if there were any good ways for a woman to learn about basic home repairs. She even asked me if I’d consider teaching a course for women who might want to fix up their own houses. More

House Rules: You can’t beat mid-century classics

Families want brand-new, custom-made, fresh-out-of-the-ground houses, but '50s and '60s ranch houses offer plenty of potential More
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