Viewpoints: Ford Jr. on Obama

Former West Tennessee congressman says democrats need to get down to business More

Letters to the Editor

Writer thinks Dick Cheney's attacks on President Obama are dividing the nation More

Letters to the Editor

Writer has second thoughts about President Obama winning the Nobel Prize More

Commentary: Obama’s 15 months of fame wanes

Obama is banking on American Idol status to save his presidency much in the same way he rose to the office — with speeches. More

Analysis: Will Tanner’s retirement inspire ‘Democrats for Haslam’?

Game-changer. That’s what Congressman John Tanner's retirement is. It has and will profoundly affect state politics at every level. More

Hey, Buffett: Tell us the truth about the economy

Instead of Buffett raising his prophetic voice to sound the alarm as he'd done in the past, and as we desperately need him to do again, he's sounding a trumpet blast: "behold and rejoice." More

Rex: A different world … without a gavel

On March 1, 2007, the world was totally different than it is today. More

'Nooga $112 million, Nashville nada in energy funding

Feds turn down NES bid for smart-grid stimulus money More

Post Politics: Carter should've kept race card in deck

Kleinheider thinks calling out the President's detractors as racist does more harm than good More

Bredesen criticizes Obama's health care plan

Governor warns Congress against forcing states to pay huge chunks of the total cost of reform More
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