Post Politics: Why not a President Corker?

Kleinheider thinks that Sen. Bob Corker would like to be President one day and doesn't see why that can't be some day soon More

Letters to the Editor

Letter writer says that like most opponents of reform, Tennessee Reps. Blackburn and Roe give lip service to "affordable basic health care for all Americans" but have nothing to offer. More

Letters to the Editor

A reader writes that everyone on the Federal Payroll should be required to accept the federal mandate of the health care plan that Mr. Obama is attempting to place on all Americans. More

Opinion: Health care reform isn’t a moral imperative

Zizza writes that he finds it fascinating that politicians bring out the morality card when it's time to start spending other people's money.   More

Letters to the Editor

A reader writes that the Blue Dog Democrats are to be commended for finally saying “wait” to the liberal Pelosi-Obama juggernaut on health care. More

Post Politics: Real revolution requires restraint

Kleinheider calls out Davidson County Republican Party vice-chair Matt Collins for not shaking the hand of gubernatorial candidate Zach Wamp. More

Letters to the Editor

A reader calls Obama's bluff as having the most transparent administration ever when its "cooking the books" by submitting their own questions during press conferences. More

HBO host, comedian expresses disappoint with Obama

Bill Maher, who's first love is politically themed standup comedy, says the legislation coming from Obama's administration is every bit as weak as his predecessor's. More

Rex: Democrats confused on party's charter school stance

Metro Council member confuses School board member with long-dead comedic foil More

Duncan: Charter school-friendly states have better shot at stimulus cash

Secretary of Education points out Tennessee as state with Race to the Top potential More
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