Post Politics: Why not a President Corker?

Kleinheider thinks that Sen. Bob Corker would like to be President one day and doesn't see why that can't be some day soon More

Post Politics: Will Lamar save the GOP from the extremists?

Kleinheider wonders why our senior statesman has not taken a stronger stand against the excesses of modern right-wing rhetoric More

Post Politics: Unseating Cooper is a fool's errand

Kleinheider argues that a national progressive blogger's quest to have Rep. Jim Cooper challenged in a Democratic primary is a waste of time More

Post Politics: Do all powerful men cheat on their wives?

Kleinheider wonders if a wandering eye goes with the territory in politics and counsels legislative leaders to keep their members under wraps before they start a real culture war More

Post Politics: Rosalind Kurita for governor?

How a late entry into a muddled Democratic gubernatorial field could change the game and redeem the Democratic Party More

Post Politics: State Senate could get extreme

Three state house members looking to get 'upped' could change the character of the state senate More

Post Politics: Nashvillians need their truth candy coated

Martin Kennedy says he wants to change things for the good for public schools, but until he plays the game of politics, his audience isn't ready for him, writes Kleinheider. More

Post Politics: Real revolution requires restraint

Kleinheider calls out Davidson County Republican Party vice-chair Matt Collins for not shaking the hand of gubernatorial candidate Zach Wamp. More

Post Politics: Smith can't outrun Hobbs legacy

Robin Smith's announcement that she was running for the Third District Congressional seat wasn't a surprise, but her handling of media scrutiny over her debut was.   More

Post Politics: An adolescent view of love is not 'hot'

Kleinheider writes that what he finds even more embarassing than the Mark Sanford's spectacular exercise in self-destruction is the reaction to it all. More
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