Haslam challenges freshmen lawmakers to seek the 'right answer'

The governor offers crash course of advice for state House newcomers in Tuesday orientation   More

In District 20 showdown, North and Dickerson stake out similar positions

Putting a Republican in seat held by Democratic for 28 years would be symbolic blow to reeling state Dems More

After fall from power, state Democrats look for 'new path forward'

Leaders hope new political business model can win back some of last decade's losses More

With session wrapped, state legislators turn focus to primary, election battles

Unresolved issues in state legislature will make their way into summer and fall election campaigns More

Owen: Open letter to GOP

An open letter to Republicans about how to govern with a majority and a mandate that might seem unclear     More

Racism: Pin the tail on the donkey

As on object lesson for those who would divorce principles from politics, and as an indication of the evasive follies that result from such attempts thereafter, consider the latest Tea Party tussle More
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Post Politics: Get the state out of the primary process

Kleinheider argues that state involvement in the primary election process should be whole hog -- or not at all More

Post Politics: Raising Tennessee Democrats from the dead

The Tennessee Democratic Party may be all but dead by 2011 -- but it doesn't have to be that way More

Post Politics: Why conservative blacks seldom become conservatives

A troika of online conservatives rebuke a black woman for the unorthodox methods she used to teach her son to respect law enforcement More

Letters to the Editor

A reader says the more he about the proposed heath care reform legislation, with page references and the document available for confirmation, the more he sees it as a benevolent tyrant’s dream come true. More
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