Murray files harassment complaints against constituents

Metro Councilwoman says constitutents are 'repeatedly calling her place of business about Council issues.' More

Steine receives top Council committee appointment

Full slate of appointees include some who will weigh heavily on convention center decisions More

Broad Logic: Locking down Craddock's liabilities

Councilman's honesty an responsiveness have drawn support from the liberal quarter of Council, but can it outweigh his lack of experience in the race for criminal court clerk? More

Council approves Convention Center Authority

Body to oversee development of $1 billion project passes with only three dissenting votes More

Sports Authority member thinks MCC volunteer board is a bad idea

Metro Council will reconsider legislation to create the new Convention Center Authority Friday. More

Faith and fairness at odds in nondiscrimination policy

Debate becomes heated as anti-bias ordinance passes second reading More

Vice mayor breaks tie on guns-in-parks vote

Find out how each Nashville Council member voted on the contentious issue More

Jameson uses obscure Council rule to defer convention center vote

Overwhelming majority had approved creation of new facility management authority More

Committee close to forcing Murray recall election

A recall election requires 15 percent of the registered voters in the district, which would be about 900 voters. More

Council committee approves new Convention Center Authority

Citing a need for accountability and transparency, the Metro Council budget and finance committee unanimously voted to support a resolution to create a new Convention Center Authority, which would More
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