Buddy Baker takes nondiscrimination ordinance personally

Conservative Catholic Councilman's gay son died of AIDS-related complications More

Handicapping the nondiscrimination vote

The bill to update Metro’s nondiscrimination ordinance will be on second reading at the Aug. 18 Council meeting. More

Commentary: Laying out the nondiscrimination ordinance

Emotional discrimination issue separates conservative and liberal members of the Metro Council. More

Council delays nondiscrimination bill

Policy would make it unlawful to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity More

Crafton offers amendments to nondiscrimination ordinance

Bellevue councilman's amendments would place more classes of people under the nondiscrimination umbrella More

Nondiscrimination ordinance moves forward

Bill will go through the committee process to answer questions about the law would and would not do More

Metro has few recorded claims of sexual orientation discrimination

Advocate says without a resolution, folks don't want to report claims or 'rock the boat' More

Dean supports nondiscrimination ordinance

“I am against discrimination,” says the mayor. More

Council members file nondiscrimination ordinance

Councilmembers Megan Barry, Tim Garrett, Ronnie Steine and Jerry Maynard serve as primary sponsors More

Craddock offers alternative to protecting sexual orientation in the workplace

Councilman wants diversity training rather than new nondiscrimination policy, which would add sexual orientation as a protected class More
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