Rex: The way we were (Part II)

Memorable nuggets from 2009 — with a few updates tossed in More

Letters to the Editor

Letter writer asks why local media was more interested in Sen. Stanley's fooling around then Letterman's More

Rex: Carnies need love too

Rex smells an opponent for Evans, hears recently departed Blackburn Chief of Staff was pushed,  and gets reports back from those spying on Kent WIlliams More

Rex: Budget czars and stolen cars

Is Nashville really the worst city for a man to show off his sensitive side? More

Post Politics: Do all powerful men cheat on their wives?

Kleinheider wonders if a wandering eye goes with the territory in politics and counsels legislative leaders to keep their members under wraps before they start a real culture war More

Letters to the Editor

 A reader who is a current state employee asks if state Sen. Paul Stanley will be treated the same as other state employees who leave service under scrutinized terms. More

Rex: Cutting off Whitehouse's Air Supply

TPAC gives Dolly Parton a lift More

Post Politics: State Senate could get extreme

Three state house members looking to get 'upped' could change the character of the state senate More

Metro councilwoman tackles living wage, condemns state legislation

At-large Councilwoman Megan Barry has filed a memorializing resolution that states Metro Council opposes the state legislation that would preempt local governments from passing living wage laws. More
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