Weekly Obsession: A fake conservative vs. local school boards

Williamson Co. geography textbook draws attention suggesting Israeli-Palestinian conflict is complicated   More

Burch: Mr. Inappropriate

Less-than-world-class Romney threw shadow over opening ceremonies, left Brits feeling slighted by “ugly American”   More

Burch: Shredding the safety nets

How can we choose to give mega-billions to Israel if we can’t afford to care for American citizens?   More

Burch: More money for messianic morons?

Comments by former Israeli intelligence directors raise concerns over country's stance on Iran More

Burch: One-sided justice?

Westfield painting raises broad question of fairness More

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Yaël Dayan speaks to Nashville — but questions about Israel remain More

Burch: Calling Bibi’s bluff

Yaël Dayan gives Nashville the truth regarding Israel More

Burch: Solvable problems

Peace in Middle East simply will require fairness  More

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A counter to Mike Burch's argument More

Holocaust survivor, Nashvillian Esther Loeb dead at 87

Local icon worked tirelessly to educate people regarding horrors of hatred More
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